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Where Do They Go?! Biologists Tag Endangered Sawfish to Find Out

July 23, 2019

Join us in the field as biologists share how they do their research


In July a team set out to search for, sample and tag endangered smalltooth sawfish for four days.

Listen as NOAA's Dr. John Carlson talks about the research expedition. 

The survey is designed to monitor the population of juvenile sawfish and their movements and identify habitat use. 

Biologists set gillnets in several historical and new locations in an effort to tag and release smalltooth sawfish.

Watch and listen as NOAA biologist, Dr. Andrea Kroetz tags a smalltooth sawfish.  

The expedition was a success. The team sampled six sawfish and collected morphometric (measurements) and genetic data and tagged each sawfish with a PIT (passive integrated transponder) tag, like a microchip for your pet, and an external mark-recapture tag that has NOAA's information on it.

In addition, biologists were able to surgically implant one juvenile sawfish with a 5-year acoustic tag that will allow us to track its movements as it matures.

All research was conducted and video captured under ESA permit 22078 and ENP permit EVER-2019-SCI-0020.

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