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Celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week!

June 03, 2024

Marine recreational fishing is a cherished American pastime and draws millions of anglers to support our coastal communities. Celebrate our nation's love for fishing and boating during National Fishing and Boating Week.

Featured image banner for National Fishing and Boating Week

Cast a line and join anglers across the country in celebrating National Fishing and Boating Week. All week long, we'll be sharing how NOAA supports sustainable recreational fisheries for the benefit and enjoyment of the nation. Check out the recreational fishing features below.

Recreational Fishing Features

Meet Fisherman Gerald “Gene” Weaver

As we celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week, we sat down with Gene Weaver, a fisherman on Saipan, to share his love of fishing.

Meet Gene Weaver

Headshot of Gene Weaver.

Podcast: Teaching Kids to Fish and Love the Water

Connecting kids with nature and teaching them about fishing and crabbing is more than education—it's passing on a cultural heritage. In our new podcast episode, we hear how NOAA Fisheries and partners are working with communities in South Carolina to get kids involved in fishing and environmental conservation.

Listen to the podcast

Children fishing on a dock in Charleston, South Carolina
Children fishing on a dock in Charleston, South Carolina. Credit: Jae Schmitz

Gone Fishin' with NOAA Fisheries' Southeast Regional Administrator Andy Strelcheck

Learn how a love of fishing led to fishery management.

Read Andy's fishing stories

NOAA Fisheries' Southeast Regional Administrator Andy Strelcheck
Andy Strelcheck Fishing. Credit: Andy Strelcheck

Advancing Recreational Fishing Priorities Together

Learn about some of our work to improve recreational fisheries science, management, and conditions on the water.

Our progress in implementing the National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy

A young girl in pigtails holds a fishing rod and smiles at the camera. She it sitting on a white boat with other people fishing along the side of the boat behind her.
People enjoy recreational fishing. Credit: National Park Trust

NOAA Shares Plans to Re-envision Recreational Fishing Data Collection

NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology Director Evan Howell reflects on the importance of collaborating on a fresh approach to the recreational fisheries data collection partnership in the United States.

Read his leadership message

Recreational anglers fish off the coast of Florida.
Fishing from a private boat. Credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Shark Depredation: A Frustrating Experience for Fishermen in the Atlantic

NOAA Fisheries continues to work with partners and fishermen to find solutions to depredation.

What is shark depredation and what's being done about it

Saltwater fishing boat with poles in the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama.
Saltwater fishing boat with poles in the Gulf of Mexico near Alabama.

California Charter Boats Contribute to Rockfish Research, Support Sustainable Fishing

Charter crews collect lab samples, filling in picture of rockfish status.

Charter boats and rockfish cooperative research program

Anglers fishing of the side side of a boat.
Recreational anglers fish for rockfish on a recreational fishing boat off Southern California. Credit: Mark Kalez

Recreational Fishing Communities Help to Protect and Restore Habitat through National Fish Habitat Partnership

Nearly $175,000 will support habitat restoration and angler engagement projects in Oregon, Hawaiʻi, and South Carolina.

Projects to restore habitat via the coastal National Fish Habitat Partnerships

A group of 10 volunteers and staff in matching shirts pose for a photo on a beach
Kuleana Coral Reef team gathers at a public outreach event in 2023 at Pokai Bay, Hawai'i. Credit: Kuleana Coral Reefs

Exploring Innovative Strategies to Reduce Red Snapper Discards

NOAA Fisheries is recommending nearly $900,000 in funding for projects that will reduce discards and increase fishing opportunities.

More on reducing red snapper discards

Image of a red snapper
Credit: Florida Sea Grant

Celebrating National Fishing and Boating Week 2024

Join us in celebrating our nation's love for fishing and boating. Read a message from Janet Coit, Assistant Administrator for NOAA Fisheries.

Read her leadership message

Recreational fishers celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week.
Recreational fishermen celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week. Credit: NOAA Fisheries

Saving Fish for Tomorrow: Tagging Provides a New Lens on Charter Fishing

A charter fishing couple is making waves in the world of offshore pelagic fishing by tagging yellowfin tuna and swordfish off the coast of Louisiana. They contribute valuable data to NOAA through our Cooperative Tagging Program.

Charter fishing couple tags tuna and swordfish

A woman in a hat and glasses on the deck of a boat holds a tuna with a red, string-like object attached near its top fin
Lakelynn Devine prepares to release a yellowfin tuna with a conventional spaghetti tag (the red item sticking out near its dorsal fin) attached. Photo courtesy of Lakelynn and Blake Devine.

Top 10 Activities for Saltwater Anglers This National Fishing and Boating Week

Check out some activities that can help everyone have a great National Fishing and Boating Week!

Top 10 activities for saltwater anglers

An adult and adolescent aboard a vessel giving each other a high five
Celebrating a nice fish! Credit: National Park Trust.

Responsible Boating Saves Marine Mammals

Deaths of Young Dolphin, Humpback Calf Highlight the Importance of Responsible Boating

In February 2024, NOAA Fisheries and partners responded to a dead spinner dolphin yearling and a dead humpback whale calf in Hawaiʻi. Examinations revealed their deaths were likely due to vessel strikes.

Young dolphin and humpback whale hit by vessels

A mother humpback whale swims beneath its calf to support it on the ocean surface as a researcher on a nearby boat leans over the railing holding a pole underwater to assess the condition of the call.
NOAA researchers with the Hawaiian Islands Humpback National Marine Sanctuary assess an injured humpback whale calf off of Maui. The calf had suspected vessel strike injuries to its tail. Credit: Pacific Whale Foundation (NOAA Fisheries Permit #24359)

Help Endangered Whales: Slow Down in Slow Zones

All boaters can help save right whales by slowing down in Right Whale Slow Zones.

Learn how to help endangered whales

WEbstory opening pic slow zones_2.jpg