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Celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week!

June 04, 2023

Marine recreational fishing is a cherished American pastime and draws millions of anglers to support our coastal communities. Celebrate our nation's love for fishing and boating during National Fishing and Boating Week 2023.

National Fishing and Boating Week 2023 banner, fish illustration imprinted on sunset

It's that time of year again! Cast a line and join anglers across the country in celebrating National Fishing and Boating Week, June 3–11, 2023. This event is held annually the first full week of June. All week long, we'll be sharing how NOAA supports sustainable recreational fisheries for the benefit and enjoyment of the nation.

Check out the recreational fishing features below.

Recreational Fishing Features

Cooperative Research: Citizens and Government Working Together to Study Fisheries

Cooperative research is a team effort! But what is it exactly? It's research that involves NOAA scientists as well as recreational and/or commercial fishermen. On this episode of "Dive In With NOAA Fisheries", we explore a few different kinds of cooperative research that citizens and recreational and commercial fishers have participated in—just in time for National Fishing and Boating Week! 

Listen to our podcast to learn how sport fishers are improving West Coast fisheries

Anglers hold a vermillion rockfish.
Anglers hold a vermillion rockfish. Credit: Mark Kalez.

Pacific Islands Region: Fishing Provides More than Just Fish

In the Pacific Islands, non-commercial fishing is a way to provide food for our families and communities, perpetuate traditions, and connect with one another.

Non-commercial fishing in the Pacific Islands 

Kicking Off Summer with National Fishing and Boating Week 2023

NOAA Fisheries Assistant Administrator Janet Coit reflects on the importance of the U.S. recreational fishing community to kick off National Fishing and Boating Week 2023!

Read her leadership message

Group fishing on boat
Group fishing on boat on a beautiful summer day.

Colorful Fishing Barges Popularized Ocean Fishing on the West Coast, Leaving Legacy of Anglers

The Point Loma, Georgia, and other barges made fishing easy and fun.

How fishing barges popularized ocean fishing on the West Coast 

People fishing on barge off of Redondo Beach, California.
Historical postcard showing a fishing barge off of Redondo Beach, California.

Casting Connections

NOAA Fisheries recently partnered with the National Park Trust, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, and NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries to take families fishing in our underwater marine parks.

Take a look at the good times we "reeled" in

Two boys fishing
Two young anglers fishing.

Help Endangered Whales: Slow Down in Slow Zones

All boaters can help save right whales by slowing down in Right Whale Slow Zones.

Learn how to help endangered whales

WEbstory opening pic slow zones_2.jpg

National Fish Habitat Partnership Projects to Engage Recreational Fishing Communities and Restore Habitat

Nearly $180,000 will support habitat restoration and angler engagement in Florida, Hawaiʻi, and Alaska.

National Fish Habitat Partnership projects

Left: A person underwater in fins and a snorkel holds a tray of coral fragments. Right: Pyramid-shaped structures with pieces of coral affixed to them on a reef
Left: Kuleana Coral Restoration staff with coral fragment modules ready to outplant onto a reef. Right: Coral fragment modules in situ. Credit: Kuleana Coral Restoration

Top 10 Activities for Saltwater Anglers This National Fishing and Boating Week

Check out some activities that can help everyone have a great National Fishing and Boating Week in 2023!

Top 10 activities for saltwater anglers

Celebrating a nice fish
Celebrating a nice fish! Credit: National Park Trust.

Your Fishing Counts: An Angler’s Guide to the Marine Recreational Information Program

Estimating recreational catch is an important part of our work to keep fisheries sustainable and keep anglers fishing. Anglers play a key role in helping us count the number of fish caught, kept, and released. Learn about our data collection efforts by watching the video below.


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