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Top 10 Activities for Saltwater Anglers This National Fishing and Boating Week

June 04, 2023

Here are some activities that can help everyone have a great National Fishing and Boating Week in 2023!

An adult and adolescent aboard a vessel giving each other a high five Celebrating a nice fish! Credit: National Park Trust.

Fun Fishing Activities to Try

1. Introduce someone new to fishing!

Take advantage of a “Fee-Free Fishing Day” around the country by introducing someone new to fishing. Remember: you can also collect a fishing badge when fishing in a national marine sanctuary or park!

Man holds fish trap in water on boat
Responsible boaters and fishers can prevent marine debris and join efforts to clean up our Ocean and Great Lakes. Credit: Scott Martin/ Ocean Aid 360.

2. Reduce marine debris.

Learn how to reduce marine debris and keep our marine environments clean and vibrant for the fish we love to chase.

View from a recreational fishing boat at sea as the sun sets
Recreational fishing

3. Recreate responsibly.

Ensure you, your family, and friends #RecreateResponsibly in, on, or around water.

4. Catch and identify a new species of fish.

Learn how to catch and identify a new species of fish—maybe an Atlantic Highly Migratory species or West Coast Rockfish.

Tasty Fish Sticks with Yogurt Dill Dip
Easy oven-fried fish sticks with yogurt dill dip. Credit: Seafood Nutrition Partnership.

5. Go on an adventure in your own kitchen and try a new recipe.

Try a new recipe with your favorite catch. 

6. Participate in a recreational fishing survey.

Help NOAA Fisheries better understand and manage our saltwater fisheries by participating in our recreational fishing surveys.

A fish is led underwater with a device attached to its mouth to help guide it back to depth.
Descending devices help fish overcome buoyancy and symptoms of barotrauma by releasing them at depth. Credit: Return 'Em Right

7. If you are not keeping your catch, release it.

Release it in the best way possible to ensure the maximum chance of survival. Learn how descending devices are helping to return fish down to the deep in the Gulf of Mexico!

Restoration Atlas: Map of North America showing locations of NOAA Restoration Projects

8. Restore fish habitat.

Help restore fish habitat by getting involved with one of many projects around the country.

9. Check vessel safety.

Double check that you and your vessel will be operating safely on the water (PDF, 45 pages) to kick off the summer season. 

Group of four recreational fishing boats in close proximity moving in the same direction
Recreational fishing boats on water.

10. Hit the water with friends and family!

If you don't have a boat, charter a boat or hop on a head boat to go out with your friends and family. You will want to make sure the for-hire fishing operation is legitimate.

And if you can't get out on the water this week, check out the Angler Academy for Kids for a bunch of fun indoor activities for the whole family!

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