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Teaching Kids to Fish and Love the Water

NOAA Fisheries and partners are working with communities in South Carolina to get kids involved in fishing and environmental conservation.
June 06, 2024 - Podcast ,
Children fishing on a dock in Charleston, South Carolina Children fishing on a dock in Charleston, South Carolina. Credit: Jae Schmitz

Celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week!

Marine recreational fishing is a cherished American pastime and draws millions of anglers to support our coastal communities. Celebrate our nation's love for fishing and boating during National Fishing and Boating Week.
June 03, 2024 - Feature Story ,
Featured image banner for National Fishing and Boating Week

Celebrating National Fishing and Boating Week 2024

Join us in celebrating our nation's love for fishing and boating.
May 31, 2024 - Leadership Message ,
Recreational fishers celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week. Recreational fishermen celebrate National Fishing and Boating Week. Credit: NOAA Fisheries

NOAA Fisheries Releases 2023 Status of Stocks

This report provides a "snapshot in time" of the status of our nation's fisheries at the end of 2023.
Young fish swimming. Juvenile coho salmon. Credit: iStock

November 2023 Recreational Fisheries Roundtable Meeting Summary

Part of a series of national public discussions with recreational fishing constituents

Citizen Science Spotlight: In it for the Long Haul

Longtime citizen scientists share why they first got involved with NOAA Fisheries programs and why they’ve continued volunteering over months, years, and even decades.
November 22, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Photos of three people appear side by side - a woman holding a bright red-orange fish, a man with glasses, and a man on a boat. The header of the photo reads "Citizen Science Spotlight." Photos courtesy of Marcy Dorflinger (left), Steve Leong (center), and Mark Sampson (right).

Restoring Habitat for Florida Sport Fish at Robinson Preserve

At Robinson Preserve near Tampa Bay, NOAA and partners are monitoring how coastal habitat restoration is helping support Florida’s recreational fisheries.
September 18, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Aerial view of a wetland preserve with ponds, trails, and mangroves Aerial view of the Robinson Preserve habitat restoration project. Credit: Manatee County and E.T. MacKenzie, Inc.