How to Build Your Proposal

Explore guides, tools, and writing tips for building a proposal for funding from NOAA Fisheries.

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Budget Narrative Guidance

All applications must have a detailed budget narrative explaining and justifying the Federal and the non-Federal expenditures by object class category.

Learn how to develop this narrative

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Intergovermental Review (SPOC List) - E.O. 12372

This list identifies the entity in each state that coordinates and reviews proposed Federal financial assistance and direct Federal development.

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Department of Commerce Grants Policies, Terms, and Conditions

This guidance from Department of Commerce's Office of Management and Budget outlines the documents, policies, award terms, conditions, and associated regulations applicable to all federal assistance awards.

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NOAA Award Conditions

This password-protected site provides the conditions required for your NOAA reward.

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Grants Learning Center

The Grants Learning Center is your gateway to the federal grants world. It includes information on grants policies, terms, eligibility, and reporting.

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Registering with allows you to create an account and connect it with the organization you either work for or otherwise contribute to their grant applications.

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Track Your Application

This site allows you to track and check the status of your submitted applications.

Check the status of your application

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D&B DUNS Number

This site allows you convenient access to Dun & Bradstreet information on your business. Registered users can view, print, and submit updates to their Dun & Bradstreet record as well as request a new DUNS Number. DUNS Number assignment and modifications are done rapidly and free of charge.

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The System for Award Management (SAM) allows you to register to do business with the U.S. government, update or renew your registration, check the status of your registration, and search for registration and exclusion records.

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NOAA NEPA Questionnaire

The National Environmental Policy Act requires federal agencies to complete an environmental analysis for all major federal actions, including funding non-federal projects where federal participation is expected to be significant. This questionnaire is used by NOAA to collect information about proposed activities for NEPA and other environmental compliance requirements associated with the proposed project, such as federal consultations.

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Federal Forms - SF-424 family (SF-424, SF-424A, SF-424B, CD-511, SF-LLL)

The Standard Forms 424 (SF-424) Form Families are the government-wide standard data sets and forms for grant application packages, which were developed in partnership with federal grant-making agencies and the applicant community.

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