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Fishery Disaster Determinations

Below is a summary of fishery disaster determinations, in reverse chronological order, with information on each determination, including the disaster request, decision letter, press release, and funding authority.

Relevant Legislation and Resources—Fishery Disaster Assistance

Relevant Legislation NOAA Fisheries has the authority to administer fishery disaster assistance under the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA) and the Interjurisdictional Fisheries Act (IFA). Under both statutes, a request for

Information for NOAA Restoration Center Award Recipients

Congratulations on receiving a NOAA award and becoming a partner with NOAA’s Restoration Center! We look forward to working together to make our habitat restoration project a success.

Current and Past Community-based Restoration Projects

Our investment in habitat is part of a long-term effort to rebuild fisheries, many of which have declined due to habitat loss, overfishing, and climate change. Recent successes show that restoring habitat is a way to not only stop the decline of fish…

Resources for NOAA Restoration Center Applicants

The information below will help applicants apply for funding through the NOAA Restoration Center. It will also aid applicants and grantees in understanding and meeting the many requirements involved in applying for and receiving federal funding.

How to Manage Your Grant

Resources for grant recipients on how to manage your award from NOAA Fisheries.

How to Build Your Proposal

Explore guides, tools, and writing tips for building a proposal for funding from NOAA Fisheries.

Fishery Disaster Assistance

Fisheries are subject to a number of factors that can cause sudden and…
Working waterfront

Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program

Finding creative solutions to fishery bycatch challenges.

NOAA awards $5.8 million in grants to support endangered, threatened species recovery

Application period for 2018 grants now open.
08/10/2018 - Media Release ,