Information for NOAA Restoration Center Award Recipients

Congratulations on receiving a NOAA award and becoming a partner with NOAA’s Restoration Center! We look forward to working together to make our habitat restoration project a success.

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Working with NOAA

Your award is a cooperative agreement. This means that NOAA intends to keep in regular contact and have substantial involvement in award activities, including participating in meetings, reviewing documents such as design plans,  and providing other technical assistance (for example, with permitting and/or monitoring).

If there are any changes in your plans, such as modifications  to your project scope, budget, or timeline, please let your NOAA project team know. There may be implications under the National Environmental Policy Act and/or you may need to submit documentation to remain in accordance with the terms and conditions of your award.

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Award Oversight and Assistance Roles

Restoration Center staff members at NOAA headquarters in Silver Spring, MD, and regional offices across the country, are available to help you throughout the duration of your award. Your cooperative agreement award document specifies your Federal Program Officer and primary Technical Monitor.

NOAA Staff and Their Roles

Federal Program Officer ̶ Provides award oversight and assists with adherence to federal requirements.

Technical Monitor ̶ Provides technical expertise, local oversight and environmental compliance analysis.

Grants Management Division Staff ̶ Administers final approval of award, manages amendments, and provides oversight of financial reports and award close-outs.

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NOAA Grants Online

When the NOAA Grants Management Division officially extends an offer of financial assistance, you receive an email with instructions for signing into Grants Online and accepting your award. NOAA’s Grants Online is a web-based system used to manage your award once it has been accepted.  Grants Online is separate from, which allows you to search and apply for federal grants. Recipients use Grants Online to accept awards and to submit documents and requests to NOAA, including progress reports and Award Action Requests (e.g., extension requests, budget changes, etc.). You will not receive any paper documents from NOAA regarding your award.

To access Grants Online, your organization’s authorized representative (as indicated on the SF-424 form that you submitted with your application) will need a username and password that can be obtained by calling the Grants Online Help Desk (877-662-2478). There are several user roles in the Grants Online system, and assigning those within your organization will help ensure the right people are notified of reporting requirements and other upcoming deadlines. 

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Award Terms and Conditions

By accepting your award you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions:

  • Department of Commerce Financial Assistance Standard Terms and Conditions.

  • NOAA Administrative Standard Award Conditions.

  • Your Award Specific Special Award Conditions.

  • The appropriate sections of the Code of Federal Regulations.

All this information can be viewed in your award package in Grants Online on an electronic version of the CD-450 form. NOAA staff are happy to help you understand these terms and navigate to these resources in Grants Online. Your Federal Program Officer and Technical Monitor will work with you to understand and comply with the award terms and conditions.

Recipients and NOAA staff frequently discuss progress reports, monitoring plans, and environmental compliance needs, but you should feel free to request additional guidance on any award term or condition that is not clear to you.

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Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP)

The Department of Treasury ASAP system is the most common means by which recipients draw down award funds. If not already enrolled, we highly recommend that you enroll in ASAP, as this is the most efficient system to use. ASAP allows you to have funding directly transferred from an established ASAP account to your organization’s bank account, generally within one business day.

If you do not have an ASAP account, please start the enrollment process as soon as possible as there are multiple steps that can take some time to complete and you cannot be paid until you are registered. To register for ASAP, follow the instructions found at the DOC ASAP Enrollment Guidance page.  Recipients with an ASAP account, who haven’t used ASAP with NOAA before, will still need to follow the initial enrollment steps, to connect your account to NOAA.

Once your information has been entered into the ASAP system, the Point of Contact that you designate will receive a username and password (by mail), along with instructions on how to complete the enrollment process. If you need help with enrollment, please contact the ASAP Help Desk (855-868-0151) or Darius Porter at NOAA (301-628-1321 or

You should withdraw funds from ASAP to pay for project related expenses when you need the funds. Funds may be drawn down before you need to make a payment, but advances not disbursed in a timely manner should be returned to the ASAP account. For more information about ASAP and allowable uses of funds, please review guidance on the ASAP website and 2 CFR 200. Award funds can generally only be used for activities which occur during the award period (special cases can be discussed with your Federal Program Officer). You have 90 days after your award expires to access your ASAP account and draw down remaining funds needed to pay for activities completed during the award period.

While not encouraged, you may also use Grants Online to submit individual reimbursement requests (SF-270), which will be paid with a check. This process takes several weeks to send you the requested funds, which is why ASAP is preferred for most recipients.  

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Award Action Requests

Changing aspects of your cooperative agreement

We understand that you may need to make changes to your award. As mentioned above, requests to change various aspects of your project should be submitted through Grants Online. The changes that require Award Action Requests are described in your award conditions and 2 CFR 200, primarily in section 308-Revision of Budget and Program Plans and section 407-Prior Written Approval. Directions on how to submit Award Action Requests are available on the Grants Online Training page. These requests must be submitted 30 days in advance, and we recommend discussing them with your Federal Program Officer and Technical Monitor 60 days in advance, so that they can help guide you through the process.

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Congratulations on receiving a NOAA award. If you have any questions at any time, please contact your Federal Program Officer and/or Technical Monitor. We look forward to working with you.

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