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Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program

The Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program (BREP) works to find creative solutions to fishery bycatch challenges.

NOAA Fisheries supports the development of technological solutions and changes in fishing practices designed to minimize bycatch. Our mission is to find creative approaches and strategies for reducing bycatch, seabird interactions, and post-release mortality in federally managed fisheries.

Funding for Innovative Bycatch Solutions

NOAA Fisheries awards $2.3 million for projects that increase collaborative research and partnerships for innovation in bycatch reduction. 

High-priority areas for Fiscal Year 2022 projects include:

  • Researching new technology
  • Encouraging technology adoption
  • Reducing post-release mortality
  • Avoiding habitat interactions
  • Conducting international research

Review previously funded projects: 



Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act

Further Reading Laws and Policies: Magnuson-Stevens Act



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Understanding Bycatch

Fishing operations sometimes result in “bycatch” of non-target species. Learn how NOAA Fisheries is working with partners to reduce bycatch.