2019-2021 Atlantic Herring Research Set-Aside Program


Competition for Atlantic herring research support is now open under a program unique to Northeast fishery management--the Atlantic Herring Research Set-Aside Program. Projects selected through the competition are awarded fishing quota rather than dollars, and use the proceeds from selling or catching that quota to fund their work. This year’s priorities include portside sampling, reducing bycatch, stock structure, spawning dynamics, localized depletion, and fishery discards and discard mortality. 

Application Process

Who Can Apply?

Eligible applicants include institutions of higher education, hospitals, other nonprofits, commercial organizations, individuals, and state, local, and Native American tribal governments. Federal agencies and institutions are not eligible to receive Federal assistance under this notice. Additionally, employees of any Federal agency or Regional Fishery Management (RFM) Council, as well as RFM Council Members, are ineligible to submit an application under this program. Read the full announcement.

How to Apply

Applications submitted under the 2019-2021 Atlantic Herring RSA Program must include a Standard Form 424 (Application for Federal Assistance), including a detailed budget using Standard Form 424A, (Budget Information--Non-Construction Programs), Standard Form 424B (Assurances--Non-Construction Programs), and Commerce Department Form CD-511 (Certification Regarding Lobbying Activities). These forms are available at http://www.ago.noaa.gov/acquisition/forms.html. They should be submitted through the www.grants.gov website. Applicants submitting hard copies must include one signed original and two signed, unbound copies of the application (including supporting information). Read the full announcement.

When to Apply

Complete proposals/applications must be received on or before 5 p.m. EDT on 09/20/18. Proposals received after the established deadline will be rejected and returned to the sender without consideration. For proposals submitted through Grants.gov, a date and time receipt indication will be the basis of determining timeliness. The proposal must be validated by Grants.gov in order to be considered timely. PLEASE NOTE: It may take Grants.gov up to two (2) business days to validate or reject the application. Please keep this in mind in developing your submission timeline. Read the full announcement.

Need Help?

Cheryl Corbett

Cooperative Programs Specialist
Cooperative Research Branch
Phone: (508) 495-2307

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