Behnken Named as International Pacific Halibut Commission Interim Commissioner

June 22, 2016

Julie Speegle
Public Affairs Officer
(907) 586-7032

Linda Behnken is replacing International Pacific Halibut Commission interim commissioner Jeff Kauffman as commissioner in the Alaska resident seat.

The U.S. State Department designated Jeff Kauffman, from Wasilla, in December 2015 to serve on an interim basis, ensuring U.S. interests were represented on the IPHC after terms for the non-federal U.S. commissioners expired the same month.

Kauffman resigned recently from his appointment.

"During his short tenure as commissioner, Mr. Kauffman has well served the U.S. interests on the IPHC, and we thank him for his service," said NOAA Fisheries Alaska Regional Administrator Jim Balsiger.

After consulting with expert advisers, the President appointed Behnken from a list of nominees collected last year. Interim U.S. Commissioner Robert Alverson will continue to serve in the non-Alaska resident seat. Presidential appointments for the two non-federal IPHC U.S. commissioner seats are pending, and expected to be made this year.

Balsiger continues to serve as U.S. commissioner in the federal NOAA seat. His term expires in December 2016.

U.S. commissioners are appointed for a term not to exceed two years, but are eligible for reappointment.

In their official duties, commissioners represent interests of the United States and all its stakeholders in the Pacific halibut fishery, while working to develop halibut stocks to levels that permit the optimum yield from the fishery.

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