NOAA Fisheries releases statement on outside study

August 24, 2015

Jennie Lyons
Public Affairs Deputy Director
(301) 427-8013

NOAA Fisheries is releasing the following statement regarding a new study, published by the journal Science, entitled The unique ecology of human predators.

"U.S. fisheries are among the world’s most sustainable and a global model of success in responsible management. Guided by the Magnuson-Stevens Act, our science-based management closely examines the balance of fishery impacts on young versus old fish and designs harvest rates that allow fish and shellfish to grow to sizes that produce seafood for the nation while preserving stock and ecosystem sustainability. Quotas, size limits and closed areas are among the management tools we use routinely to minimize the biological impacts of the harvest. As new science emerges, NOAA Fisheries consistently incorporates those findings into our stock assessments and management practices to continually improve upon what we do." ~ Richard Methot, NOAA Science Advisor for Stock Assessments

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