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Northeast Fisheries Science Center Publications

As the research arm of NOAA Fisheries in the Northeast Region, NEFSC annually produces about 350 scientific and technical publications, reports, and abstracts, and sponsors many other such works.

Below is a selection of the most recent peer-reviewed publications by Northeast Center staff. Division, branch, or program-specific publications are listed on their corresponding pages.

Publications Database

NEFSC has released our publications database.  This a searchable collection of publications by our staff. 

Recent Publications


Wood SA, Josephson E, Precoda K, Murray KT. 2022. Gray seal (Halichoerus grypus) pupping trends and 2021 population estimates in U.S. waters. US Dept Commer Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc 22-14. 21 p. 


Whitmore EH, Cutler MJ, Thunberg EM. 2022. Social License to Operate in the Aquaculture Industry: A Community-Focused Framework. US Dept Commer Northeast Fish Sci Cent Tech Memo 287. 45 p

Huynh QC, Legault CM, Hordyk AR, Carruthers TR. 2022. A closed-loop simulation framework and indicator approach for evaluating impacts of retrospective patterns in stock assessments. ICES J Mar Sci 

Hodgdon CT, Dr. Shank B, Chen Y. 2022. Developing a Framework to Estimate Dynamic Reference Points for American Lobster Using a Thermally Explicit Spawning Stock Biomass / Recruitment Relationship. Can J Fish Aquat Sci 

Gawarkiewicz G, Fratantoni P, Bahr F, Ellertson A. 2022. Increasing frequency of mid-depth Salinity Maximum Intrusions in the Middle Atlantic Bight. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, J Geophys Res Oceans 

Sauvage J, Wikfors GH, Dixon MS, Kapareiko D, Sabbe K, Li X, Joyce A. 2022. Bacterial exudates as growth-promoting agents for the cultivation of commercially relevant marine microalgal strains. J World Aquacult Soc 1– 19

Henry A. 2022. Serious Injury and Mortality Determinations for Baleen Whale Stocks along the Gulf of Mexico, United States East Coast, and Atlantic Canadian Provinces, 2015-2019. US Dept Commer Northeast Fish Sci Cent Tech Memo 280. 65 p. 

Josephson E. 2022. Serious Injury Determinations for Cetaceans and Pinnipeds Caught in Commercial Fisheries off the Northeast U.S. Coast, 2015-2019. US Dept Commer Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc 22-03. 37 p. 

Adams CF. Update on the Spatial Distribution of Butterfish, 1982-2019. US Dept Commer Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc 22-04. 15 p.

Renkawitz MD, Saunders R, Bailey SL, Koenig S. Program and abstracts from the 2020 Atlantic Salmon Ecosystems Forum. US Dept Commer Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc 22-01. 92 p. 
Lyssikatos MJ. Common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus truncatus) Gillnet Bycatch Estimates Along the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Coast, 2014-2018. US Dept Commer Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc 22-02.  (pdf, 18 pg) 
Joyce P, Chigbu P, Jearld A, Kite-Powell H, Liles G, Chu K. Report of the workshop: Optimizing the research intern experience to build inclusion and diversity in the geosciences workforce. US Dept Commer Northeast Fish Sci Cent Tech Memo 277. (pdf, 44 pg)
Ardini G, Murphy T, Werner S, Bailey M. An Overview of the Social Sciences Branch (SSB) Commercial Fishing Business Cost Survey in the Northeast: Protocol and Results for Survey Years 2011, 2012, and 2015. US Dept Commer Northeast Fish Sci Cent Tech Memo 278. (pdf, 146 pg) 


Renkawitz M, Sheehan T, Rikardsen A, Righton D, Rasmus N. Tracking Atlantic Salmon off the West Greenland Coast and in the Labrador Sea with PSATs. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Tech Memo 275. (pdf 21 pg).

Sheehan TF, Wynne MP, Clarke GA, Coghlan S, Collins M, Kelley A, Kelshaw R, Kusnierz D, Royte J, Saunders R, Schmitt C, Wilson K, Zydlewski G, Zydlewski J. 2021. Implementing a monitoring framework and data archive for dam removal: Pre-project ecological monitoring of the lower Penobscot River, Maine USA. NOAA Tech Memo NMFS NE. 272; (pdf, 102 p). 

Sheehan TF, Coyne J, Davis GD, Deschamps D, Haas-Castro R, Quinn P, Vaughn L, Nygaard R, Bradbury IR, Robertson MJ, Maoileidigh NO, Carr J. The international sampling program: Continent of origin and biological characteristics of Atlantic Salmon collected at West Greenland in 2019. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc 21-08. (pdf, 63 pg)

Silva A, Gentile LE, Cutler MJ, Colburn LL. A comparison of wave I (2012/2013) and II (2018/2019) of the survey on the socio-economic aspects of commercial fishing crew in the northeast U.S. NOAA Tech Memo NMFS-NE-274. (pdf, 64 p)

Pace, RM. Revisions and further evaluations of the right whale abundance model: improvements for hypothesis testing. NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-NE 269. (pdf, 49 p)

Wigley S, Asci S, Benjamin S, Chamberlain G, Cierpich S, Didden J, Drew K, Legault C, Linden D, Murray K, Potts D, Sampson K, Tholke C. 2021. Standardized Bycatch Reporting Methodology 3-year Review Report - 2020. NOAA Tech Memo NMFS NE. 266; (pdf, 186p)

Josephson E, Wenzel F, Lyssikatos MC. 2021. Serious injury determinations for small cetaceans and pinnipeds caught in commercial fisheries off the Northeast US coast, 2014-2018. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc 21-04; (pdf, 33 p)

Lyssikatos MC, Chavez-Rosales S, Hatch J. 2021. Estimates of cetacean and pinniped bycatch in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic bottom trawl fisheries, 2014-2018. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc 21-02; (pdf, 12 p)

Goulette GS, Hawkes JP, Kocik JF, Manning JP, Matzen E, Van Parijs S,  Pettigrew N, Wallinga J, Zydlewski GB, Ames C. 2021. Opportunistic acoustic telemetry platforms: an update on the Northeast Fisheries Science Center’s collaborative monitoring program in the Gulf of Maine, 2005-2018.  NOAA Tech Memo NMFS NE 265; (pdf, 21 p)


Stock BC, Xu H, Miller TJ, Thorson JT, Nye JA. 2021. Implementing two-dimensional autocorrelation in either survival or natural mortality improves a state-space assessment model for Southern New England-Mid Atlantic yellowtail flounder. Fish Res 237.

Jiang LQ, Feely RA, Wanninkhof R, Greeley D, Barbero L, Alin S, Carter BR, Pierrot D, Featherstone C, Hooper J, Melrose C, Monacci N, Sharp J, Shellito S, Xu YY, Kozyr A, Byrne RH, Cai WJ, Cross J, Johnson GC, Hales B, Langdon C, Mathis J, Salisbury J, Townsend DW. Accepted. Coastal Ocean Data Analysis Product in North America (CODAP-NA) – an internally consistent data product for discrete inorganic carbon, oxygen, and nutrients on the U.S. North American ocean margins. Earth Syst Sci Data.

Frazier BS, Bethea DM, Hueter RE, McCandless CT, Tyminski JP, Driggers WB. 2020. Growth rates of bonnetheads (Sphyrna tiburo) estimated from tag-recapture data. Fish Bull. 118(4):329-345.

Berger AM, Deroba JJ, Bosley KM, Goethel DR, Langseth BJ, Schueller AM, Hanselman DH. In press. Incoherent dimensionality in fisheries management: consequences of misaligned stock assessment and population boundaries. ICES J Mar Sci.

Salvatore Cerchio S, Willson A, Leroy EC, Muirhead C, Al Harthi S, Baldwin R, Cholewiak D, Collins T, Mintonv G, Rasoloarijaov T, Rogers TL, Willson MS. 2020. A new blue whale song-type described for the Arabian Sea and Western Indian Ocean. Endang Species Res. 43:495 515.

Allen LG, Ladin ES, Rowell TJ. 2020. Sound production and mechanism in the giant sea bass, Stereolepis gigas (Polyprionidae). Copeia. 108(4): 809-814.

Methratta ET, Hawkins A, Hooker BR, Lipsky A, Hare JA. 2020. Offshore wind development in the Northeast US shelf large marine ecosystem ecological, human, and fishery management. Oceanography. 33(4):16-27.

Gill AB, Degraer S, Lipsky A, Mavraki N, Methratta E, Brabant R. 2020. Setting the context for offshore wind development effects on fish and fisheries. Oceanography. 33(4):118-127.

Love DC, Allison EH, Asche F, Belton B, Cottrell RS, Froehlich HE, Gephart JA, Hicks CC, Little DC, Nussbaumer EM, Pinto da Silva P, Poulain F, Rubio A, Stoll JS, Tlusty MF, Thorne-Lyman AL, Troell M, Zhang W. Accepted. Emerging COVID-19 impacts, responses, and lessons for building resilience in the seafood system. Global Food Security. Preprint.

Nielsen, A., Perreault, A., Berg, C. W., Albertsen, C., Minto, C., Millar, C., Liljenstrand, E., Skaug, H., Flemming, J. M., Babyn, J., Newman, K., Aldrin, M., Spence, M., Cadigan, N., Breivik, O., Regular, P., Fryer, R., Cook, R., Vatnehol, S., ... Aeberhard, W. (2020). Workshop on the review and future of state space stock assessment models in ICES (WKRFSAM). ICES. ICES Scientific Report No. 2, Vol 23.  

Williams R, Cholewiak D, Clark CW, Erbe C, George C, Lacy R, Leaper R, Moore S, New L, Parsons C, Rosenbaum H, Rowles T, Simmonds M, Stimmelmayr R, Suydam RS, Wright A. 2020.Chronic ocean noise and cetacean population models. J Cetacean Res Manage. 21(1): 85-94.

den Heyer CE, Bowen WD, Dale J, Gosselin JF, Hammill MO, Johnston DW, Lang SLC, Murray KT, Stenson GB, Wood SA. In press. Contrasting trends in gray seal (Halichoerus grypus) pup production throughout the increasing northwest Atlantic metapopulation. Mar Mamm Sci. 2020:1-20.

James KC, Natanson LJ. In press. Positional and ontogenetic variation in vertebral centra morphology in five batoid species. Mar Freshwater Res.

Bastille K, Sean Hardison S, Lynn deWitt L, Brown J, Samhouri J, Gaichas S, Lucey S, Kearney K, Best B, Cross S, Large S, Spooner E. 2020. Improving the IEA Approach Using Principles of Open Data Science. Coast Manage, DOI: 10.1080/08920753.2021.1846155  

Muffley B, Gaichas S, DePiper G, Seagraves R, Lucey S. 2020. There Is no I in EAFM Adapting Integrated Ecosystem Assessment for Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management. Coast Manage, DOI: 10.1080/08920753.2021.1846156   

Clay PM, Howard J, Busch DS, Colburn LL, Himes-Cornell A, Rumrill SS, Zador SG, Griffis RB. 2020.  Ocean and coastal indicators: understanding and coping with climate change at the land-sea interface. Clim Change

Legault CM. 2020. Rose v. Rho: A comparison of two approaches to address retrospective patterns in stock assessments. ICES J Mar Sci 

Harvey CJ, Fluharty DL,Fogarty MJ, Levin PS, Murawski SA, Franklin B. Schwing FB, Shuford RL, Kelble CR, Monaco ME. 2020. The Origin of NOAA’s Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Program: A Retrospective and Prospective. Coast Manage.

Ardini G, Demarest C, McArdle K, 2020, Costs of At-sea Monitoring Under Government and Private Contracts in the Groundfish Fishery of the Northeastern United States, Fish Bull 118(3): 284-296.

Sean M. Lucey SM, Aydin KY, Gaichas SK, Cadrin SX, Fay G, Fogarty MJ, Punt A, Accepted, Estimation of Commercial Fishing Trip Costs using Sea Sampling Data, Mar Resour Econ

Olin, JA, Shipley, ON, Cerrato, RM, Nitschke, P, Magen, C, Frisk, MG. Separation of realized ecological niche axes among sympatric tilefishes provides insight into potential drivers of co‐occurrence in the NW Atlantic. Ecol Evol. 2020; 00: 1– 13.  

Saul S, Brooks EN, Die D. 2020. How fisher behavior can bias stock assessment: insights from an agent-based modeling approach. Can J Fish Aquat Sci

Palka D. 2020. Cetacean abundance in the US Northwestern Atlantic Ocean Summer 2016. US Dept Commer, Northeast Fish Sci Cent Ref Doc. 20-05; 60 p. Available here.

Mercaldo-Allen R, Clark P, Redman D, Liu Y, Meseck S, Milke L, Rose JM, Goldberg R. In press. Temperature-related changes in juvenile finfish species composition on a rock reef in Long Island Sound. Fish Bull.

Ross AC, Stock CA, Dixon KW, Friedrichs MAM, Hood RR, Li M, Pegion K, Saba V, Vecchi GA. 2020. Estuarine forecasts at daily weather to subseasonal time scales earth space sci 7(10)

Kendall MS, Battista TA, Carson M, Caskey W, Grissom K, Guthrie B, Head M, Jeffrey CFG, Kuzemchak M, Roberson KW, Rowell TJ, B. Shortland B, Stanley JA. 2020. Observations of Visitation to Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NCCOS 281, 57pp

Crouch KE, Blanco-Bercial L, Richardson DE, Copley NJ, Wiebe PH, Bucklin A. 2020. Species-specific patterns of distribution and abundance of the cryptic copepods Pseudocalanus moultoni and P. newmani on Georges Bank (NW Atlantic Ocean) during spring 1995–2012. Continent Shelf Res.  Online at:
Ramirez MD. Avens L, Goshe LR, Melissa L. Snover ML, Cook M, Haas HL, Heppell SS Regional environmental drivers of Kemp’s ridley sea turtle somatic growth variation. Mar Biol 167, 146 (2020).  
Pitchford SC, Smith BE, McBride RS. 2020. A real-time PCR assay to detect predation by Spiny Dogfish (Squalus acanthias) on Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua). Ecol Evol 00: 1–9.
Crouch KE, Blanco-Bercial L, Richardson DE, Copley NJ, Wiebe PH, Buklin A. In press. Species-specific patterns of distribution and abundance of the cryptic copepods Pseudocalanus moultoni and P. newmani on Georges Bank (NW Atlantic Ocean) during spring 1995-2012. Continent Shelf Res
Legault CM. Accepted. Rose v. Rho: A comparison of two approaches to address retrospective patterns in stock assessments. ICES J Mar Sci

Goethel DR, Bosley KM, Langseth BJ, Deroba JJ, Berger AM, Hanselman DH, Schueller AM. 2020. Where do you think you’re going? Accounting for ontogenetic and climate‐induced movement in spatially stratified integrated population assessment models. Fish Fish

Krause JR, Hightower JE, Buckel JA, Turnure JT, Grothues TM, Manderson JP, Rosendale JE, Pessutti JP. 2020.Using Acoustic Telemetry to Estimate Weakfish Survival Rates along the U.S. East Coast. Mar Coast Fish 12: 241-257

Chapman EJ, Byron CJ, Lasley-Rasher R, Lipsky C, Stevens JR, Peters R. In press. Effects of climate change on coastal ecosystem food webs: Implications for aquaculture. Mar Environ Res. Online at:

Mizuta DD, Wikfors GH, Meseck SL, Li Y, Dixon MS, Lim HJ, Hwang IJ, Bazzano M, Pitchford S. In press. Use of natural trophic resources by Eastern oysters and Pacific oysters of different ploidy. Aquacult Fish. Online at:

Smith BE, Smith LA. In press. Multispecies functional responses reveal reduced predation at high prey densities and varied responses among and within trophic groups. Fish Fish. Online at:

Werner S, DePiper G, Jin D, Kitts A. In press. Estimation of commercial fishing trip costs using sea sampling data. Mar Resour Econ. Online at:

Primpke S, Christiansen SH, Cowger W, De Frond H, Deshpande A, Fischer M, Holland E, Meyns M, O'Donnell BA, Ossmann B, Pittroff M, Sarau G, Scholz-Böttcher BM, Wiggin K. Accepted. Critical assessment of analytical methods for the harmonized and cost efficient analysis of microplastics. Appl Spectrosc. Online at:

Kneebone J, Sulikowski J, Knotek R, McElroy WD, Gervelis B, Curtis T, Jurek J, Mandelman J. Accepted. Using conventional and pop-up satellite transmitting tags to assess the horizontal movements and habitat use of thorny skate (Amblyraja radiata) in the Gulf of Maine. ICES J Mar Sci.

Conin KE, Walker SE, Mann R, Chute AS, Long MC, Bowser SS. Accepted. Growth and longevity of the Antarctic scallop Adamussium colbecki under annual and multiannual sea ice. Antarc Sci. Online at:

Speir C, Lee M-Y. Accepted. Geographic distribution of commercial fishing landings and port consolidation following ITQ implementation. J Agr Resour Econ. Online at:

Smith SE, Palkovacs EP, Weidel BC, Bunnell DB, Jones AW, Bloom DD. Accepted. A century of intermittent eco‐evolutionary feedbacks resulted in novel trait combinations in invasive Great Lakes alewives (Alosa pseudoharengus). Evol Appl. Online at:

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Borsetti S, Munroe D, Rudders D, Chang J-H. 2020. Timing of the reproductive cycle of waved whelk, Buccinum undatum, on the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Bight. Helgol Mar Res. 74(5). Online at:


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