Northeast Fisheries Science Center Publications

As the research arm of NOAA Fisheries in the Northeast Region, NEFSC annually produces about 350 scientific and technical publications, reports, and abstracts, and sponsors many other such works.

Below is a selection of the most recent peer-reviewed publications by Northeast Center staff. Division, branch, or program-specific publications are listed on their corresponding pages.

Recent Publications

Tanaka KR, Torre MP, Saba VS, Stock CA, Chen Y. In press. An ensemble high-resolution projection of changes in the future habitat of American lobster and sea scallop in the Northeast US continental shelf Divers Distrib. Online at:

Mizuta DD, Wikfors GH, Meseck SL, Li Y, Dixon MS, Lim HJ, Hwang IJ, Bazzano M, Pitchford S. In press. Use of natural trophic resources by Eastern oysters and Pacific oysters of different ploidy Aquacult Fish. Online at:

Crear DP, Watkins BE, Saba VS, Graves JE, Hobday AJ, Weng KC. In press. Contemporary and future distributions of cobia, Rachycentron canadum Divers Distrib. Online at:

Smith BE, Smith LA. Accepted. Multispecies functional responses reveal reduced predation at high prey densities and varied responses among and within trophic groups Fish Fish.

Primpke S, Christiansen SH, Cowger W, De Frond H, Deshpande A, Fischer M, Holland E, Meyns M, O'Donnell BA, Ossmann B, Pittroff M, Sarau G, Scholz-Böttcher BM, Wiggin K. Accepted. Critical assessment of analytical methods for the harmonized and cost efficient analysis of microplastics Appl Spectrosc. Online at:

Mercaldo-Allen R, Clark P, Redman D, Liu Y, Meseck S, Milke L, Rose JM, Goldberg R. Accepted. Temperature-related changes in juvenile finfish species composition on a rock reef in Long Island Sound Fish Bull.

Speir C, Lee M-Y. Accepted. Geographic distribution of commercial fishing landings and port consolidation following ITQ implementation J Agr Resour Econ. Online at:

Hart DR, Munroe DM, Caracappa JC, Haidvogel D, Shank BV, Rudders DB, Klinck JM, Hofmann EE, Powell EN. Accepted. Spillover of sea scallops from rotational closures in the Mid-Atlantic Bight (USA) ICES J Mar Sci.

Natanson LJ, Winton M, Bowlby H, Joyce W, Deacy B, Coelho R, Rosa D. 2020. Updated reproductive parameters for the shortfin mako (Isurus oxyrinchus) in the North Atlantic Ocean with inferences of distribution by sex and reproductive stage Fish Bull. 118(1): 21-36. Online at:

Runnebaum J, Tanaka KR, Guan L, Cao J, O’Brien L, Chen Y. 2020. Predicting bycatch hotspots based on suitable habitat derived from fishery-independent data Mar Ecol Prog Ser. 641: 159-175. Online at:

Baumgartner MF, Bonnell J, Corkeron PJ, Van Parijs SM, Hotchkin C, Hodges BA, Bort Thornton J, Mensi BL, Bruner SM. 2020. Slocum gliders provide accurate near real-time estimates of baleen whale presence from human-reviewed passive acoustic detection information Front Mar Sci. 7: 100. Online at:

Lucey SM, Gaichas SK, Aydin KY. 2020. Conducting reproducible ecosystem modeling using the open source mass balance model Rpath Ecol Model. 427: 109057. Online at:

Shiu Y, Palmer KJ, Roch MA, Fleishman E, Liu X, Nosal E-M, Helble T, Cholewiak D, Gillespie D, Klinck H. 2020. Deep neural networks for automated detection of marine mammal species Sci Rep. 10(1): 607. Online at:

Thorson JT, Adams CF, Brooks EN, Eisner LB, Kimmel DG, Legault CM, Rogers LA, Yasumiishi EM. 2020. Seasonal and interannual variation in spatio-temporal models for index standardization and phenology studies ICES J Mar Sci. fsaa074. Online at:

Weiskopf SR, Rubenstein MA, Crozier LG, Gaichas S, Griffis R, Halofsky JE, Hyde KJW, Morelli TL, Morisette JT, Muñoz RC, Pershing AJ, Peterson DL, Poudel R, Staudinger MD, Sutton-Grier AE, Thompson L, Vose J, Weltzin JF, Whyte KP. 2020. Climate change effects on biodiversity, ecosystems, ecosystem services, and natural resource management in the United States Sci Total Environ. 733: 137782. Online at:


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