Northeast Fisheries Science Center Publications

As the research arm of NOAA Fisheries in the Northeast Region, the Northeast Fisheries Science Center annually produces about 350 scientific and technical publications, reports, and abstracts, and sponsors many other such works.

Below is a selection of recent peer-reviewed publications by Northeast Center staff. Division, branch, or program-specific publications are listed on their corresponding pages.

Recent Publications

Mercaldo-Allen R, Clark P, Liu Y, Meseck S, Milke L, Redman D. 2020. Macrofaunal assemblages on oyster aquaculture and rock reef habitat in Long Island Sound. N Am J Aquacult. 82(1): 92-100.

Trijoulet V, Fay G, Miller TJ. 2020. Performance of a state‐space multispecies model: What are the consequences of ignoring predation and process errors in stock assessments? J Appl Ecol. 57(1): 121-135.

Natanson LJ, Winton M, Bowlby H, Joyce W, Deacy B, Coelho R, Rosa D. 2020. Updated reproductive parameters for the shortfin mako (Isurus oxyrinchus) in the North Atlantic Ocean with inferences of distribution by sex and reproductive stage. Fish Bull. 118(1): 21-36.

Olmos M, Payne MR, Nevoux M, Prévost E, Chaput G, Du Pontavice H, Guitton J, Sheehan TF, Mills K, Rivot E. 2020. Spatial synchrony in the response of a long range migratory species (Salmo salar) to climate change in the North Atlantic Ocean. Global Change Biol. 26(3): 1319-1337.

Friedland KD, Langan JA, Large SI, Selden RL, Link JS, Watson RA, Collie JS. 2020. Changes in higher trophic level productivity, diversity and niche space in a rapidly warming continental shelf ecosystem. Sci Total Environ. 704: 135270.

Chen Z, Kwon Y-O, Chen K, Fratantoni P, Gawarkiewicz G, Joyce TM. 2020. Long‐rerm SST variability on the Northwest Atlantic continental shelf and slope. Geophys Res Lett. 47(1): e2019GL085455.

Carr-Harris A, Steinback S. 2020. Expected economic and biological impacts of recreational Atlantic striped bass fishing policy. Front Mar Sci. 6: 814. 2019.00814

Link JS, Huse G, Gaichas S, Marshak AR. 2020. Changing how we approach fisheries: A first attempt at an operational framework for ecosystem approaches to fisheries management. Fish Fish. 21(2): 393-434.

Sigourney​ DB, Chavez-Rosales S, Conn PB, Garrison L, Josephson E, Palka D. 2020. Developing and assessing a density surface model in a Bayesian hierarchical framework with a focus on uncertainty: insights from simulations and an application to fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus). PeerJ. 8: e8226.

Shiu Y, Palmer KJ, Roch MA, Fleishman E, Liu X, Nosal E-M, Helble T, Cholewiak D, Gillespie D, Klinck H. 2020. Deep neural networks for automated detection of marine mammal species. Sci Rep. 10(1): 607.

Caiger PE, Dean MJ, DeAngelis AI, Hatch LT, Rice AN, Stanley JA, Tholke C, Zemeckis DR, Van Parijs SM. 2020. A decade of monitoring Atlantic cod Gadus morhua spawning aggregations in Massachusetts Bay using passive acoustics. Mar Ecol Prog Ser. 635: 89-103.

Marancik KE, Richardson DE, Konieczna M. 2020. Updated morphological descriptions of the larval stage of Urophycis (Family: Phycidae) from the Northeast United States Continental Shelf. Copeia. 108(1): 83-90.

Baumgartner MF, Bonnell J, Corkeron PJ, Van Parijs SM, Hotchkin C, Hodges BA, Bort Thornton J, Mensi BL, Bruner SM. 2020. Slocum gliders provide accurate near real-time estimates of baleen whale presence from human-reviewed passive acoustic detection information. Front Mar Sci. 7: 100. 2020.00100

Borsetti S, Munroe D, Rudders D, Chang J-H. 2020. Timing of the reproductive cycle of waved whelk, Buccinum undatum, on the U. S.  Mid-Atlantic Bight. Helgol Mar Res. 74(5).

Hare JA. 2020. Ten lessons from the frontlines of science in support of fisheries management. ICES J Mar Sci. fsaa025.

Perretti CT, Deroba JJ, Legault CM. 2020. Simulation testing methods for estimating misreported catch in a state-space stock assessment model. ICES J Mar Sci. fsaa034.

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