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Cusk: QA/QC Exercise Results

Results of the QA/QC exercises for ageing cusk.

Cusk, Brosme brosme

Side profile illustration of a cusk, a brownish yellow fish with a long, wide body

Sarah Emery (SE) has been working with Cusk since 2020. This is the first time NOAA has aged this species. Baked and sectioned otoliths are viewed with reflected light.

In tests where agreement is below 90%, bias indicates either the P-value of a symmetry test or ‘n/s’ (test not significant at the α = 0.05 level). The Evans & Hoenig test was used to test bias starting 1/2022.

Sample Source Test Type Date Completed Age Reader Number Aged Number Tested CV (%) Agree-ment (%) Bias
2019 NEFSC Bottom Long-Line Survey (Spring) Precision 12/2022 SE 225 61 1.95 80.3 0.007
2019 NEFSC Bottom Long-Line Survey (Autumn) Precision 12/2022 SE 359 67 1.23 82.1 n/s
2017 Commercial Samples (Q4) Precision 12/2022 SE 199 52 3.07 71.2 n/s

Last updated by Northeast Fisheries Science Center on December 23, 2022