Supporting Sustainable Fisheries with Sound Science

Fishing boats in New England

We collect and use information from commercial and recreational fisheries to inform fisheries science and management, as well as fill data gaps to complement fishery independent surveys through commercial and recreational fishing platforms. We work closely with fishing industries to collect, process, and manage fishery dependent data, and use industry platforms to obtain data on fish biology, environmental variables, and socioeconomic factors to support stock assessments and ecosystem-based fishery management.

We develop and support cooperative efforts with the fishing industry that are essential to create robust and accurate datasets, and conduct outreach across the region to keep constituents informed of our activities. We also foster engagement with industry to develop technology and data products to improve fisheries reporting and availability of data to fishermen, scientists, and managers. We proactively manage fisheries and support the industry's adaptation to climate change and shifting species distributions.

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Last updated by Northeast Fisheries Science Center on May 24, 2018