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Two Alaskans Postpone Thanksgiving to Rescue Whale Near Prince of Wales Island

NOAA says actions resulted in a safe, deliberate assessment and rescue of entangled humpback whale.
November 23, 2018 - Feature Story ,
POW_humpback web.jpg

Alaska Pollock Spawning Season May be Earlier Under Climate Change

A new study shows how climate and fishing are changing pollock spawning time, and how changes in spawning time could affect fisheries in the future.
November 15, 2018 - Feature Story ,

NOAA Appoints Dr. Robert Foy as New Alaska Fisheries Science Center Director

NOAA appoints a new Science and Research Director for NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center.
October 31, 2018 - Feature Story ,
Robert Foy

Partnerships in Alaska: Models Explore the Decline of Bering Sea Fur Seals

The following is the first feature in a multi-part series about NOAA Fisheries Partnerships in Alaska. NOAA Fisheries is strengthening relationships and building partnerships with the commercial fishing industry, environmental community, academia and private...
October 31, 2018 - Feature Story ,
A Northern fur seal pup.

NOAA-Led Team Frees Entangled Whale near Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Humpback was immobilized much like a dog on a leash.
October 22, 2018 - Feature Story ,
NOAA's John Moran cuts line entangling a whale. Andy Dietrick/NOAA MMHSRP Permit #18786-03

New Study Sheds Light on Mysterious Movements of Rarest Great Whale

Finding the North Pacific right whale.
October 01, 2018 - Feature Story ,
An eastern North Pacific right whale surfacing for air.

New Program Gives Alaska Halibut Charter Operators More Flexibility

Unique program offers charter fishing anglers additional halibut fishing opportunities
September 20, 2018 - Feature Story ,

A Little Bit of Seawater Is Helping Scientists Study Elusive Harbor Porpoise off the Coast of Alaska

Scientists hope genetic approaches can help them determine the number of harbor porpoise populations in Southeast Alaska.
August 08, 2018 - Feature Story ,
A Harbor Porpoise off the Coast of Alaska

NOAA Enforcement Taking Action Against Charter Halibut Fishing Violators

Snapshot of NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement efforts on compliance in the charter halibut fishing industry in Alaska and taking enforcement action when appropriate.
August 02, 2018 - Feature Story ,

Innovative Technology Promises Fast, Cost-Efficient Age Data for Fisheries Management

New technology promises fast age data.
July 30, 2018 - Feature Story ,
This digitally enhanced Otolith is one of the ways technology is helping scientists more accurately determine the age of fish.