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How We Safeguard Atlantic Tunas

Our robust management system helps conserve these in-demand species while providing fishing opportunities.
May 02, 2024 - Feature Story ,
School of yellowfin tuna School of yellowfin tuna. Credit: Jeff Muir

Fun Facts About Atlantic Tunas

How much do you know about Atlantic tunas? Some of these facts might be surprising!
November 14, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Bluefin tuna swimming in water.

Gulf of Mexico Fishermen Reflect on Efforts to Restore Oceanic Fish

As the The Oceanic Fish Restoration Project wraps up after 5 years, the Gulf is starting to see juvenile populations of oceanic fish return. The collaborative partnership aimed to reduce bycatch and lessen fishing pressure of pelagic species.
May 12, 2023 - Feature Story ,
a oelagic longline fisherman throws a line over the gunnel of a boat

Recreational Fishery Data Reveals Climate-Driven Shifts for Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Catch

A new study identifies shifting distributions of Atlantic Highly Migratory Species catch, including tunas, billfish, and sharks, off the northeastern United States, providing understanding about climate change impacts to the recreational fishery.
April 19, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Man in blue shirt on stern of boat holding large fish.

Behind the Scenes of the Most Consumed Seafood

Learn about the robust and transparent environmental standards that make U.S. seafood sustainable.
September 30, 2020 - Feature Story ,
grilled tuna lemon with mayo_Mariners Menu_photo by Vanda Lewis_NC Sea Grant.jpg Grilled tuna lemon with mayo. Credit: North Carolina Sea Grant/Vanda Lewis.

Enjoy Sustainable Seafood at Home

Follow these recipes to enjoy delicious, sustainable seafood at home.
July 09, 2020 - Feature Story ,
swordfish skewers_photo by Sam Wells of Chef Epic.jpg Swordfish skewers on the grill. Photo by Sam Wells, Chef Epic.

New Trade Rule Combats Illegal, Fraudulent Seafood

Seafood Import Monitoring Program underway as of January 1, 2018
January 01, 2018 - Feature Story ,