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Combating Labor Abuse in the Seafood Sector

A new initiative brings together public and private partners to address labor abuses in the seafood sector.
August 24, 2023 - Podcast ,
Commercial fishing in the Valdez, Alaska harbor. Commercial fishing in the Valdez, Alaska harbor.

Meet Joe Arceneaux, Fisheries Observer Trainer

One of NOAA Fisheries’ first observers in the Pacific Islands region, Joe has spent decades training observers to collect data on our fisheries. 
July 21, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Selfie photo of Joe Arceneaux wearing a hat. Credit: Joe Arceneaux

Scientists Identify More Efficient Means to Determine the Age of Fish Using AI and Near-Infrared Technology

New approach replaces manual methods that have been used for more than a century worldwide.
July 13, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Left: scientific images showing how to determine age of an otolith, Right: shows scientific tools for a newer method of determining age

Selections Made for Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Region Salmon Research Work Group

The Alaska Salmon Research Task Force has identified members to serve on its work group to identify gaps and salmon research priorities for the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim region.
June 30, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Close-up of two chum salmon at the bottom of murky water. Can see rocks below the fish.

Pacific Cod Are Moving North—Will They Be Able to Spawn There?

New research predicts how spawning habitat in the Bering Sea may shift over the coming century of climate change.
June 22, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Image of Pacific cod resting on the seafloor Pacific cod in Alaska waters. Credit: NOAA Fisheries.

Tracking Climate-Driven Shifts in Fish Populations Across International Boundaries

As ocean warming drives fish stocks beyond traditional habitats, international collaboration and innovative methods are key to predicting and adapting to ecosystem change.
June 05, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Several pollock swimming in open blue water Alaska pollock. Credit: NOAA Fisheries.

Celebrating Seaweed by the Seashore

Seaweed farmers and businesses, academics, state and federal agencies, non-profits, and community leaders gathered to celebrate the growing domestic seaweed industry.
May 22, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Two people on a boat look out at farmed seaweed being pulled out of the water on a nearby boat.

NOAA Announces Projects Recommended for Saltonstall-Kennedy 2023 Funding

Agency announces more than $11 million in grant funding for the promotion, development, and marketing of U.S. fisheries.
Blue, green, and red fishing boats docked in a bay.