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NOAA Enrichment in Marine Sciences and Oceanography (NEMO) Curriculum

The NEMO Program has a curriculum with 23 lessons in marine science, biology, chemistry, geology, physics, technology, and marine policy that can be used to support a course or club or prepare a team for the National Ocean Sciences Bowl.


Each lesson contains a PowerPoint presentation and a Teacher's Guide PDF file and is aligned with national science teaching standards as well as the Ocean Literacy Principles.  In some cases, lessons contain other supplementary files that are referred to in the Teacher's Guide. Please note that there is a stand-alone Glossary file containing definitions of bold terms throughout the Teacher's Guides. All PDFs can be read with Adobe Acrobat or Preview (Mac OS). Some of the PowerPoint presentations have embedded video files. Your computer must have QuickTime or Windows Media Player to play these videos. If the videos do not start automatically when clicked in the slide show presentation, try opening the video files directly from the lesson folder.  To request a hard copy of the curriculum, please contact Laura.Oremland@noaa.gov.

Nemo Unit # Name Summary Supplementary (s) files
Glossary     Glossary (pdf)
1 Intro to NEMO General information about the curriculum, careers and National Ocean Sciences Bowl Lesson 1 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf),
 Extra Bowl Questions (powerpoint)
 Scholarship Info (pdf)
2 Ocean Exploration Navigation; history of ocean science

Lesson 2 (powerpoint),
Teacher's guide (pdf),
Video (wmv)

3 Ocean Acidification Ocean acidification Lesson 3 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
4 Biogeochemical Cycle Biogeochemical cycles, focus on carbon Lesson 4 (powerpoint), 
Teacher's guide (pdf)
5 The Dead Zone Plankton blooms; hypoxia; dead zone formation Lesson 5 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
6 Ocean Layers I Salinity and stratification Lesson 6 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
7 Ocean Layers II Temperature, salinity and density Lesson 7 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
Thermocline Activity (pdf)
8 Currents Thermohaline circulation and wind-driven currents Lesson 8 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
9 Waves Shallow and deep water waves; tsunamis Lesson 9 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
10 Tides Tide causes and classifications Lesson 10 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
11 El Niño El Niño drivers and characteristics Lesson 11 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
12 Technology I Satellites and in situ sampling Lesson 12 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
Exploring Sat Images (pdf), 
Sat Questions, 
NOSB.Tech (pdf), 
Vent Activity (pdf), 
Vent Activity Graphs (pdf)
13 Plate Tectonics I Earth layers and plates Lesson 13 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
14 Plate Tectonics II Plate motion Lesson 14 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
Student Activity (pdf)
Answer Key (pdf)
15 Sediments Sediment composition; types of ooze Lesson 15 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
Sediment Activity (pdf)
Sediment Alt (pdf), 
Sediment Activity Answer Key (pdf)
16 Coastal Dynamics Active/passive coasts; deltas; erosion Lesson 16 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf), 
Shoreline Change Student (pdf)
Shoreline Change Teacher (pdf)
17 Plankton Plankton identification and types Lesson 17 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
18 Invertebrates Types of invertebrates; sampling techniques

Lesson 18 (powerpoint),

Teacher's guide (pdf)

19 Vertebrates I Fish classification; sustainable seafood

Lesson 19 (powerpoint)
Teacher's Guide (pdf),

FishWatch (pdf), 
Fisheries Gear (pdf)

20 Vertebrates II Marine mammals Lesson 20 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
Video (wmv)
21 Marine Ecosystems Ecosystem definition; marine ecosystem types; ecosystem-based management Lesson 21 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
Blue Crab Information Sheet (pdf)
22 Marine Policy Legislative mandates as related to fisheries, pollution, climate, and the ocean in general Lesson 22 (powerpoint), 
Teacher's guide (pdf)
23 Technology II AUVs, ROVs

Lesson 23 (powerpoint)
Teacher's guide (pdf)
Video 1 (wmv), 
Video 2 (wmv), 
GPS Technology (pdf)
GPS Worksheet (pdf)
GPS Answer Key (pdf)
ROV Activity (pdf)
States Map (pdf))

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