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2000-2009 Ecosystem Monitoring of the Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf: Cruise Reports

November 02, 2020

We conduct up to six shelf-wide surveys of plankton on the northeast U.S. continental shelf each year.

Deployment of test gear.
CTD and Rosette of niskin bottles being deployed from a NOAA ship.

Complete coverage of the shelf (Cape Hatteras to the Gulf of Maine) also occurs during the spring and fall bottom trawl surveys. Station coverage on other cruises throughout the year varies. 

The following reports summarize the cruise operations, including gear sampled and additional projects supported. Temperature and salinity observation summaries from these cruises are available

Our rigorously quality-controlled hydrographic data is publicly available through the NCEI World Ocean Database, and our plankton data is available through the NCEI Geoportal.







  • Winter Ecosystem Monitoring Survey AL0401
  • Spring Ecosystem Monitoring Survey AL0405
  • Summer Ecosystem Monitoring Survey AL0408
  • Fall Ecosystem Monitoring Survey AL0410





More Information

2020-2029 Cruise Reports [Coming no sooner than 2021]

Plankton and Hydrographic Atlas [Coming soon]


Last updated by Northeast Fisheries Science Center on 11/03/2020