2013 Assessment of the Dusky Rockfish Stock in the Gulf of Alaska

April 23, 2013

Rockfish are assessed on a biennial stock assessment schedule to coincide with the availability of new survey data. For Gulf of Alaska rockfish in on-cycle (odd) years, we present a full stock assessment document with updated assessment and projection model results. However, due to the 2013 government shutdown, we do not present alternative model configurations in this year’s assessment. Additionally, some sections may not have been fully updated from the 2011 assessment document.

We use a statistical age-structured model as the primary assessment tool for Gulf of Alaska dusky rockfish which qualifies as a Tier 3 stock. This assessment consists of a population model, which uses survey and fishery data to generate a historical time series of population estimates, and a projection model, which uses results from the population model to predict future population estimates and recommended harvest levels. For this on-cycle year, we update the 2011 assessment model estimates with new data collected since the last full assessment.

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