2019 Assessment of the Dusky Rockfish Stock in the Gulf of Alaska

January 31, 2020

The 2019 projected catch/biomass ratio (exploitation rate) is 20 percent less than the 2018 value.

In 2017, the scheduled frequency for some stock assessments was changed in response to the National Stock Assessment Prioritization effort. Prior to 2017, Gulf of Alaska (GOA) rockfish were assessed on a biennial stock assessment schedule to coincide with the availability of new survey data. The new schedule sets full assessments for dusky rockfish in the ‘off’ survey years (even years) and partial assessments for the ‘on’ survey years (odd years). For this year we present a partial assessment consisting of an executive summary including recent fishery catch and survey results, and recommend harvest levels for the next two years. Please refer to the 2018 full stock Assessment of the Dusky Rockfish Stock in the Gulf of Alaska (PDF, 71 pages) report for further information regarding the assessment model. A full stock assessment document with updated assessment and projection model results will be presented in next year’s SAFE report.

Last updated by Alaska Fisheries Science Center on 11/04/2020

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