2019 Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation Report for the Groundfish Resources of the Gulf of Alaska

January 31, 2020

FMPs for the groundfish fisheries managed by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) require that drafts of the SAFE reports be produced each year in time for the December Council meetings.

The National Standard Guidelines for Fishery Management Plans published by the NOAA Fisheries require that a stock assessment and fishery evaluation (SAFE) report be prepared and reviewed annually for each fishery management plan (FMP). The SAFE reports are intended to summarize the best available scientific information concerning the past, present, and possible future condition of the stocks and fisheries under federal management. 

The SAFE report for the Gulf of Alaska (GOA) groundfish fisheries is compiled by the Plan Team for the Gulf of Alaska Groundfish FMP from chapters contributed by scientists at NOAA Fisheries Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC) and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G). The stock assessment section includes recommended acceptable biological catch (ABC) levels for each stock and stock complex managed under the FMP. The ABC recommendations, together with social and economic factors, are considered by the Council in determining total allowable catches (TACs) and other management strategies for the fisheries.

The GOA Groundfish Plan Team met in Seattle on November 12–15, 2019 to review the status of stocks of nineteen species or species groups that are managed under the FMP. The Plan Team review was based on presentations by ADF&G and NOAA Fisheries AFSC scientists with opportunity for public comment and input. Members of the Plan Team who compiled the SAFE report were James Ianelli (co-chair), Chris Lunsford (co-chair), Craig Faunce, Sandra Lowe, Ben Williams, Kresimir Williams, Lisa Hillier, Pete Hulson, Janet Rumble, Nat Nichols, Marysia Szymkowiak, Paul Spencer, Sara Cleaver, and Obren Davis.

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