Alaska Fisheries Science Center Northern Fur Seal Photo Archive

May 09, 2018

Aerial photographs of rookeries are particularly useful in fur seal research because they show the distribution of animals much more visibly and accurately than ground-level photos. In order to standardize specific locations within a particular rookery, each rookery is divided into sections. Some rookeries are small enough to be only a single section, whereas the largest rookery (Vostochni rookery on St. Paul Island) has 14 sections.

The 1967 rookery maps included in this archive should be used to clarify the dividing lines between rookery sections. The table below lists the number of sections within each rookery and the direction in which the sections are numbered as one moves either clockwise or counter-clockwise around the islands. The section information of an image is listed under Sections on the details page of an image, if available.

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