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Cetacean Genomes Data and Analysis Resources

July 18, 2022

Raw data, project information, genome assemblies, and some genome analysis resources.

Genomic data, assemblies, and some analysis resources are freely available, but sometimes difficult to find. Below are links to the primary data and metadata from the three primary organizations generating reference quality cetacean genomes (Vertebrate Genomes Project (VGP), Darwin Tree of Life (DToL), DNAzoo), and the associated projects from these organizations in public genome databases (NCBI, Ensembl, and the UCSC Genome Browser).

The VGP has also developed a cloud-based genome assembly pipeline based on Galaxy, with tutorials on how to assemble reference genomes from the types of data used by VGP and DToL.

Genome Centers Generating Cetacean Genome Assemblies (access to raw data):

Genome Databases and Multi-genome Projects:

Genome Assembly and Analysis Web-based Resources (free):

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