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Agreement Between the National Marine Fisheries Service and the Alaska Beluga Whale Committee for the Co-Management of the Western Alaska Beluga Whale Population

November 09, 1999


The purposes of this Agreement between NOAA Fisheries and the ABWC are to conserve the Western Alaska beluga whale populations; protect Alaska Native beluga whale subsistence hunting traditions and culture; promote scientific research on beluga whales, whale stocks and their environment; and effectuate provisions of the Marine Mammal Protection Act that are relevant to aboriginal subsistence hunting of beluga whales.

To achieve these purposes, this Agreement provides for:

  1. Cooperation between members of the ABWC and NOAA Fisheries in the conservation and management of Western Alaska beluga whales for the year 2000 and thereafter; and
  2. The development of Regional Beluga Whale Management Plans to be entered into under this Agreement between the ABWC and the ABWC Management Regions

Last updated by Alaska Regional Office on 06/14/2018

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