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Biological and Conference Opinion on the Issuance of Scientific Research Permit No. 21585 to Oregon State University (Dr. Bruce Mate) for Research on Marine Mammals in the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, and Southern Oceans

February 14, 2020

ESA Section 7 Consultation - Published Date: 2018

Dr. Bruce Mate, a long term marine mammal researcher at Oregon State University, has held scientific research permits to study cetaceans in similar action areas for more than 40 years (since 1976). We conducted ESA section 7 consultations on research permits for Permit Nos. 0639-1440 and No. 14856. Those consultations determined that the permitted research activities were not likely to jeopardize the continued existence of ESA-listed species and no destruction or adverse modification of designated critical habitat was anticipated. The proposed research activities for Permit No. 21585 are a continuation of those conducted under Permit Nos. 142 (1976 through 1979), 217 (1977 through 1981), 403 (1983 through 1987), 412 (1983 through 1988), 421 (1983 through 1986), 492 (1985 through 1992), 553 (1986 through 1990), 678 (1989 through 1994), 788 (1992 through 1997), 0369-1440 (1998 through 2004), 0369-1757 (2005 through 2013), and 14856 (2013 through 2018). In this consultation, we build upon our long-term evaluation of the Oregon State University’s research activities from these previous consultations, but here consider these previous research permits as part of the Environmental Baseline (Section 10) and evaluate the effects of authorizing the Oregon State University to continue to conduct research activities under Permit No. 21585 over the next five years.

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