Environmental Assessment for the Extension and Revision of the Emergency Interim Rule for 2001 Harvest Specifications for the Alaska Groundfish Fisheries and for Steller Sea Lion Protective Fisheries Management Measures

July 04, 2001

Analysis of the impacts of 2001 groundifish harvest specifications and Steller sea lion protection measures in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands and Gulf of Alaska.

The purpose  of this  Environmental  Assessment/Regulatory   Impact  Review (EAIRIR)  is to  assess  the potential  impacts  on the human  environment  from  the continuation  of the annual  fisheries  specifications  established  in January  2001  and  from  continuation  and revision  of the Steller  sea  lion  protection  measures.   Federal  action  is necessary  to provide  harvesting  management  of groundfish  fisheries  in the BSAI   and the  GOA  through  2001  while  providing  protection  to  endangered Steller  sea  lions  west  of  144°W longitude.   Portions  of this  EA/RIR  reference  the analyis  prepared  on groundfish  fishing  under  various  levels  of TAC  (total  allowable  catch)  which  was provided  in a supplemental  environmentalimpact    statement  (NMFS  1998a) prepared  to  supplement  the  original Environmental   Impact  Statements  (EISs)  for  the  Fishery  Management  Plans  for the GOA  and BSAI  area.


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