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Bearded Seal Beringia DPS Critical Habitat Map and GIS Data

This map and GIS data represent critical habitat for the Beringia distinct population segment of bearded seals.

Once a species is listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), NOAA Fisheries is required to designate critical habitat for that species to the maximum extent prudent and determinable.

Critical habitat protections apply only when federal funding, permits, or projects are involved. Federal agencies are required to consult with NOAA Fisheries whenever the project or action they are proposing may affect ESA-listed species or designated critical habitat. Under section 7(a)(2) of the ESA, all federal agencies must ensure that any actions they authorize, fund, or carry out are not likely to jeopardize the continued existence of any listed species or result in the destruction or adverse modification of designated critical habitat.

The final rule (see More Information link) should be consulted for the precise legal definition of critical habitat for the threatened  Beringia distinct population segment of bearded seals.

Last updated by Alaska Regional Office on 10/14/2022

Bearded Seal Critical Habitat Ice Seals