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Measurement Guide for Regulated Nearshore Fishes of Hawaiʻi

October 03, 2018

This is a tool to measure regulated species that you catch. By following fishing regulations, you allow the species to reproduce. This will help to ensure fish for the future.

The guide is a tool to measure fish you catch. It provides regulation and size information to encourage keeping only fish that have had a chance to spawn. This will ensure fish for the future. L50 = the length (L) at which half (50%) of a fish species may be able to spawn. For example, if you catch ten Moano at its L50 (7.5"), only five may be able to spawn. Use the photos to identify your fish and measure it. If it is a closed season or less than the legal size, release it. Consider releasing fish that are smaller than the L50 for that species or if the fish is spawning (Note: spawning varies from island to island. Fish sizes are in fork length and inches. For complete information and updates on regulations, consult the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Aquatic Resources or contact DAR at (808) 587-0100. To report fishing violations call (808) 643-DLNR (3567). 

Last updated by Pacific Islands Regional Office on 03/08/2022