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Apex Predator Publications And Reports – Basking Shark

June 02, 2020

Publications and reports that include information on the basking shark.

Kohler, NE, JG Casey, and PA Turner. 1998. NMFS Cooperative Shark Tagging Program, 1962-93: An atlas of shark tag and recapture data. Marine Fisheries Review 60(2), 87 pp.

Kohler, NE and PA Turner. 2019. Distributions and movements of Atlantic shark species: A 52-year retrospective atlas of mark and recapture data. Marine Fisheries Review 81(2), 93 pp.

McCandless, CT, NE Kohler, and HL Pratt, Jr., editors. 2007. Shark nursery grounds of the Gulf of Mexico and the east coast waters of the United States.  American Fisheries Society, Symposium 50, Bethesda, Maryland, 390 pp.

Natanson, LJ, SP Wintner, F Johansson, A Piercy, P Campbell, A De Maddalena, SJB. Gulak, B Human, FC Fulgosi, DA Ebert, F Hemida, FH Mollen, S Vanni, GH Burgess, LJV Compagno, and A Wedderburn-Maxwell. Ontogenetic Vertebral Growth Patterns in the Basking Shark, Cetorhinus maximus. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 361:267-278.

Schulze-Haugen, M, T Corey, and NE Kohler. 2003. Guide to sharks, tunas, and billfishes of the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. RI Sea Grant/NMFS, 118 pp.

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