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Editorial: Physics and Biogeochemistry of the East Asian Marginal Seas

June 16, 2022

This Research Topic gathered 28 articles on physics (14 articles) and biogeochemistry (14 articles) of the East Asian marginal seas.

The oceans are experiencing unprecedented rates of change associated with climate change and human activities. Amongst the many marginal seas of the global ocean, the East Asian marginal seas, including the East/Japan Sea (EJS), Yellow Sea (YS), East China Sea (ECS), and South China Sea (SCS), are likely to be the most heavily influenced by anthropogenic activities. Since these marginal seas are at the forefront of our human interaction with the marine environment, there is a pressing need to explore the responses of physics and biogeochemistry in these seas to climate change and human impacts.

Nam S, Wu Y, Hwang J, Rykaczewski R R, Kim G. 2022. Editorial: Physics and biogeochemistry of the East Asian Marginal Seas. Frontiers in Marine Science. 9.  https://doi.org/10.3389/fmars.2022.945814.

Last updated by Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center on 10/11/2022