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Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for Hawaiian Monk Seal Recovery Actions

Download and open portfolio with Adobe Reader to access the cover letter (2 pages), Record of Decision (8 pages), and the full text of the EIS (1063 pages)

Environmental Assessment/impact Statements

Arctic Marine Mammal Disaster Response Guidelines, 2017

National Marine Fisheries Service Guidance Report

Biological and Conference Opinion on the Issuance of Marine Mammal Protection Act Permit No. 20466 to Alaska Department of Fish and Game for Scientific Research on Ice Seals

This document represents the NMFS opinion on the effects of these actions on the bearded seal Beringia DPS, ringed seal Arctic DPS and proposed critical habitat, Steller sea lion and designated critical habitat, seven ESA-listed whale species (bowhead, North Pacific right, fin, humpback Western North Pacific and Mexico DPS, Western North Pacific gray, blue, and sei whales), and North Pacific right whales designated critical habitat.