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Benchmark Stock Assessment for the Main Hawaiian Islands Deep 7 Bottomfish Complex in 2024 With Catch Projections Through 2029

Stock projections conducted for 2025–2029 for a range of hypothetical five year catches, and the corresponding risk of overfishing.
March 04, 2024 - Technical Memo ,

Annual Report: 2020 Fall Bottomfish Fishery-Independent Survey in Hawaiʻi

Results of the annual bottomfish fishery-Independent survey in Hawaiʻi (BFISH).
April 29, 2022 - Technical Memo ,

Evaluation of the Data Available for Bottomfish Stock Assessments in American Samoa

A report exploring different data sources in American Samoa in preparation for a 2023 assessment.
January 07, 2022 - Technical Memo ,

Community Participation in Hawai’i Commercial Fisheries

A responsibility of NOAA Fisheries is to consider the effects of fisheries management on fishing communities. This report assess community participation for select Hawaiʻi commercial fisheries 2000-2018.
July 03, 2021 - Technical Memo ,

Stock Assessment Update for the Main Hawaiian Islands Deep 7 Bottomfish Complex in 2021, With Catch Projections Through 2025

Results of a stock assessment update of the main Hawaiian Islands Deep 7 bottomfish taking place in the main Hawaiian Islands (MHI) zone.
June 11, 2021 - Technical Memo ,

Development and Assessment of an Aging Criteria for the Main Hawaiian Islands Crimson Job Fish, Pristipomoides Filamentosus (Opakapaka)

We examined opakapaka microstructure and age to provide information for a stock assessment, with the resulting criterion becoming a reference for future evaluation of main Hawaiian Islands sex-specific growth of opakapaka
October 06, 2020 - Technical Memo ,

MOUSS Protocol for the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center

This document was generated in light of MOUSS to support the fisheries optical stereo-video data community with protocols for camera deployment and recovery, data processing, and annotation of in situ stereo-video data.
June 05, 2020 - Technical Memo ,

Stock Assessment for the Main Hawaiian Islands Deep 7 Bottomfish Complex in 2018, with Catch Projections Through 2022

Seven popular species of bottomfish remain abundant in Hawaiian waters and can continue to be sustainably harvested, according to a new stock assessment from NOAA's Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center.
March 19, 2018 - Technical Memo ,