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Approved Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Units for Reporting in the Southeast For-Hire Integrated Electronic Reporting Program

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Southeast For-Hire Integrated Electronic Reporting Program

Effective March 1st, 2022, Gulf of Mexico federal Charter/Headboat permitted vessels are required to be equipped with a type-approved position reporting VMS transceiver unit.  The position reporting requirement is essential for validating the information collected through the Southeast For-Hire Integrated Electronic Reporting Program. Position reporting units will allow managers and scientists to determine when trips are occurring and when to expect electronic fishing reports following a trip's completion. 


The unit may transmit through either satellite or cellular signal and must meet the following requirements:

  • is permanently affixed to your vessel,
  • operates 24 hours a day,
  • must collect your location data at least once an hour for transmission to NOAA Fisheries (unless the vessel has an approved power down exemption, or if the vessel is in port and is equipped with a type-approved VMS unit configured with the 4-hour reporting feature),
  • has been properly installed by a qualified/certified marine electrician/installer that has been approved by the vendor (regardless of your intent to apply for reimbursement),
  • has been activated through the NOAA Fisheries Help Desk (the VMS vendor does this), and
  • will automatically transmit vessel location data at some time before offloading fish at the end of each trip, or within 30 minutes after a trip is completed if no fish were landed. 

The following list of Vessel Monitoring System units are currently approved for use in the For-Hire fishery. We are testing more units and will update this table as they are approved. For units marked as 'Yes', indicating that they have forms included, these VMS units satisfy the positioning requirement of the SEFHIER program, and have the capability to submit the required declaration and logbook forms. Units without forms still meet the position reporting requirements, but do not have the capability to submit the required reports. In order to submit the required declaration and logbook forms for units indicated as 'NO' (they do not include forms) you need to download one of the approved software applications listed here and submit the reports through the app.


Approved Vessel Monitoring System Units for the Gulf of Mexico For-Hire Fisheries¹

VMS  Vendor Unit Name Data Transmission Includes logbook and declaration forms?

Also Approved for Use in the Commercial Gulf Reef Fish Fishery?

Addvalue IFleetONE Satellite YES YES

Other Contact Info


User Guides

Faria Beede  WatchDog 750 Satellite YES YES

Other Contact Info


FB Eterm-C Cellular YES NO 877-888-5569
Other Contact Info

OmniCom VMS

OmniCom Global

Satellite YES YES


Other Contact Info

OmniCom Brochure

Prisma Brochure

SkyMate m1600

Satellite YES YES

Other Contact Info

m1600 Flyer

m1600 Quick Start Guide

SkyMate Dealers

Woods Hole Group/CLS Triton


Thorium TST³
Satellite YES YES

Other Contact info

Thorium Video Tutorials

Nautic Alert Insight X3 VMS Satellite YES YES

Other Contact Info

User Manuals

Insight X3 Cellular NO NO

Other Contact Info

User Manuals

Wood Hole Group/CLS  CLS NEMO EMTU-C  Cellular NO NO

Support: 240-492-1944

Other Contact Info

Atlantic Radio Telephone ZenVMS-LTE Cellular NO NO



¹VMS units are type approved by fishery. This table only shows for-hire type approved units.
²No longer available for purchase
³No longer approved for new installations


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the VMS requirement and all aspects of the SEFHIER program are available on the program website

Last updated by Southeast Regional Office on February 28, 2022