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Standard Prices and Fee Percentages for Cost Recovery for the Amendment 80 Program, the American Fisheries Act Program, the Aleutian Islands Pollock

NOAA Fisheries publishes standard prices and fee percentages for cost recovery for the Amendment 80 Program, the American Fisheries Act Program, the Aleutian Islands Pollock Program, and the Western Alaska Community Development Quota Groundfish and…

Restricted Access Management Program (RAM)

The Restricted Access Management Program is responsible for managing Alaska Region permit programs, including those that limit access to the Federally-managed fisheries of the North Pacific. 

Catch Share and Limited Access Programs in Alaska

Alaska fishery management programs that allocate a specific percentage of the total allowable catch or prohibited species catch allowance to individuals, cooperatives, communities, or other entities. Catch Share includes more specific programs defined in…

Frequent Questions: Bering Sea Chinook Salmon Bycatch Electronic Monitoring

American Fisheries Act (AFA) and Community Development Quota (CDQ) Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (BSAI) pollock fisheries electronic monitoring requirements aboard catcher/processors and motherships

Chinook Salmon Bycatch Management in Alaska

Chinook salmon are accidentally caught in the federally managed pollock and non-pollock trawl fisheries in the Gulf of Alaska (GOA) and Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (BSAI).

Alaska Online Services

eFISH, eLandings, seaLandings and tLandings - online services for Alaska's federal fisheries.

Alaska Fisheries Management Reports

Fishery program reports on data transfers, quota shares, allocations, cooperatives, cost recovery, arbitration, crab seasons and TAC, ex-vessel value and volume prices, program development, and annual reports.

Permits and Licenses Issued in Alaska

Over half of all federally managed fishery resources in the United States are harvested from Federal waters off Alaska in commercial, sport, and subsistence fisheries. The Alaska Region partners with the North Pacific Fishery Management Council …

American Fisheries Act (AFA) Pollock Fisheries Management in Alaska

The American Fisheries Act (AFA) was signed into law in October 1998. The purpose of the AFA was to tighten U.S. ownership standards that had been exploited under the Anti-reflagging Act, and to provide the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (BSAI) pollock…

Regulations, Acts, Treaties, and Agreements for Federal Fisheries in Alaska

The following U.S. regulations and acts, as well as international treaties and agreements affect the management of the fisheries in the exclusive economic zone off Alaska.