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Aquaculture Permitting on the West Coast

Numerous permits must be obtained to culture marine and anadromous species on the West Coast. The specific permits required vary by project location and the species to be cultured.

Endangered Species Act Permits and Authorizations on the West Coast

Sections 4(d) and 10(a) of the Endangered Species Act (ESA)

Modification of the Coastal Migratory Pelagic and Reef Fish Charter Vessel/Headboat Permit Renewal and Transfer Requirements

March 2013 Regulations implemented through the Coastal Migratory Pelagic and Reef Fish Fishery Management Plans limit Gulf for-hire permit transfers and renewals to vessels that have the same passenger capacity or a lower passenger capacity. …

Pacific Islands Permit Holders

A monthly update of the current fishing permit holders for federally managed fisheries in the Pacific Islands.

Changes to the Renewal Process for Federal Permits

FB18-089 Southeast Regional Office Fishery Bulletin; For more information,…
December 20, 2018 -

Marine National Monument Fishing Permit

Rose Atoll Monument Both the owner and operator of a vessel used to fish in the monument must…
For-Hire / Charter, Non-Commercial ,

Pacific Remote Island Areas Bottomfish Permit

This permit is required by anyone using bottomfish gear to fish for bottomfish management unit…
Commercial ,

Northern Mariana Islands Bottomfish Permit

This permit is required for any vessel commercially fishing for, landing, or transshipping…
Commercial ,

Guam Large Vessel Bottomfish Permit

This permit is required for any large vessel (50 feet or longer in overall length) fishing for,…
Commercial ,