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Cause of Death Determined for 11 Killer Whales Incidentally Caught in Fishing Gear in Alaska in 2023

Majority of whales belong to Eastern North Pacific Alaska Resident stock.
December 01, 2023 - Feature Story ,
A pod of killer whales swim through the water off the coast of Alaska A pod of killer whales. Credit: NOAA Fisheries.

New Evidence of Marine Heatwave Impacts on Western Alaska Chum Salmon

Alaska ecosystem changes may pose challenge for juvenile chum salmon under warming ocean temperatures
November 30, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Fish swimming up river Chum salmon swimming upriver. Credit: NOAA Fisheries, Stori Oates

Auke Creek Research Station 2022 Year in Review

Summary of personnel, facilities, research, and publications during 2022 at Auke Creek Research Station.
November 28, 2023 - Document ,

Alaska Salmon Task Force Meeting Minutes November 14, 2023

Alaska Salmon Task Force Meeting Minutes for November 14, 2023.
November 28, 2023 - Document ,

North Pacific Observer Sampling Manual

The Fisheries Monitoring and Analysis Division’s North Pacific Observer Program collects, maintains, and distributes data for scientific, management, and regulatory compliance purposes in the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands.
November 22, 2023 - Other Reports ,

North Pacific Observer Program Pre-class Reading Study Guide

Congratulations on being accepted into job training and welcome to the Fisheries Monitoring and Analysis Division’s North Pacific Observer Program!
November 20, 2023 - Other Reports ,

Facebook Live at the Smithsonian

| 11:20 am AKT

Broadcast from Scientific Symposium “Whales on the Brink: Stories from the Rice’s Whale Discovery and Right Whale Tales”


Advancing Transparency in Fisheries Monitoring and Enforcement

Trends in compliance over 21 years provide insight to help build greater collaboration in support of sustainable fisheries.
November 01, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Image of a man in a sweater and a man in uniform shaking hands on a dock surrounded by boats A NOAA Enforcement officer meets with a fisherman. Credit: NOAA Fisheries

2023 Northern Bering Sea Groundfish and Crab Trawl Survey Highlights

In 2023, NOAA Fisheries’ Alaska Fisheries Science Center conducted two surveys within U.S. territorial waters of the Bering Sea: the southeastern Bering Sea shelf bottom trawl survey and the northern Bering Sea bottom trawl survey.
October 31, 2023 -