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2023 Recreational Atlantic Billfish Landings Updates

These notices are a courtesy to Atlantic billfish fishery interests to keep you informed. Official notice of actions is made through the Federal Register. Catch statistics are also available by contacting Cliff Hutt (301) 427-8542.

New Hope for Puerto Rico’s Coral Reefs

With $10.6 million in new funding through NOAA, our long-time Puerto Rico partner Institute for Socio-Ecological Research is poised to restore coral reefs on a massive scale
December 04, 2023 - Feature Story ,
Coral reef in Tres Palmas, Puerto Rico (Photo: NOAA) Coral reef in Tres Palmas, Puerto Rico (Photo: NOAA)

Shrimp Pilot Study

Early adopter pilot study success rate.
December 01, 2023 - Data ,

Seeking Shrimpers to Help Modernize Data Collection

We are looking for volunteers in the Gulf of Mexico shrimping industry to adopt a new effort monitoring system that will benefit both shrimpers and scientists. Did we mention you can choose your own device—and it’s free?
December 01, 2023 - Feature Story ,
A large white shrimp boat at a dock. Shrimp boat at dock. Photo courtesy of Meaghan Emory

Emergency Rule to Implement Reduced Commercial Trip Limits for Gulf of Mexico Greater Amberjack

At their October 2023 meeting, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council voted to request that the National Marine Fishery Service (NMFS) develop and implement an emergency rule to modify the Gulf of Mexico (Gulf) greater amberjack commercial trip…

NOAA Fisheries Announces Changes to the Management of Snowy Grouper in the South Atlantic Including Catch Levels and the Recreational Fishing Season

FB23-086: South Atlantic Fishery Bulletin; For more information, contact: Rick DeVictor, 727-824-5305,
December 01, 2023 -

Oceanic Whitetip Sharks: A Plan for Recovery

Oceanic whitetip sharks, once abundant across the globe, are now listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. However, a forthcoming recovery plan is designed to help bring this species back from the brink.
An oceanic whitetip shark swims in the middle of the ocean. An oceanic whitetip shark swims near the surface of the water. Photo courtesy of John Carlson.

NOAA Fisheries Will Withhold a Portion of the 2024 Gag Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) Allocation in Anticipation of a Quota Reduction

FB23-085: Gulf of Mexico Fishery Bulletin. For more information, contact: Daniel Luers: (727) 824-5305;
November 28, 2023 -

Reduction of the 2024 Commercial Greater Amberjack Catch Limits in Federal Waters of the Gulf of Mexico

FB23-084: Gulf of Mexico Fishery Bulletin. For more information, contact: Kelli O'Donnell: (727) 824-5305,
November 21, 2023 -

Reopening of the Commercial Golden Tilefish Hook-and-Line and Longline Components in South Atlantic Federal Waters on December 7, 2023

FB23-083: South Atlantic Fishery Bulletin; For more information, contact: Mary Vara,, (727) 824-5305
November 17, 2023 -