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Searching for Type D: A New Species of Killer Whale?

February 10, 2020

In January, 2019, an experienced group of killer whale biologists launched an expedition from the southern tip of Chile into some of the roughest waters in the world, searching for what could be a new species of killer whale.

Killer whale pod at sea
In January 2019, an international team of scientists working off the tip of southern Chile got their first live look at what might be a new species of killer whale. Called Type D, the whales were previously known only from a beach stranding more than 60 years ago, fishermen’s stories, and tourist photographs.
Watch the video to see their first glimpse of the whales and learn what's next in our quest to determine whether this is a new species of killer whale.


Last updated by Southwest Fisheries Science Center on February 10, 2020

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