Scientist maneuvering trawl net during a groundfish survey
About Us

Office of Human Capital Management

Supporting the NOAA Fisheries workforce.

What We Do

We recognize that the success of our mission relies on the passion and commitment of the talented people who work for NOAA Fisheries. The Office of Human Capital Management aims to improve all aspects of employee engagement across the agency.  We provide headquarters-level planning, development, implementation, direction, and oversight of NOAA Fisheries' human capital management guidance, programs, initiatives, and systems.  Our primary functions and programs include: awards, training, performance management, executive resources, strategic workforce planning, telework, workforce reporting and analytics, and organizational changes. 

Our Leadership

Denise Fioravante


Denise Fioravante joined NOAA Fisheries in 2013. Starting as the Division Chief for Management and Administration, she moved into a newly formed role as Director of the Office of Human Capital Management to improve workforce support. Prior to coming to NOAA Fisheries, Denise served as Director of Management for the NIH National Institute on Aging. She previously worked in the private sector as VP for Operations at a managed behavioral health care company. Denise has a BS in Business Administration and Economics and an MBA.