What We Do

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) provides leadership to NOAA Fisheries and its Regions and Science Centers in all areas of information management and technology.  To successfully serve the Agency’s multiple missions, the OCIO applies modern IT tools, approaches, systems and products.  Effective and innovative use of technology and information resources enables efficient delivery of information and services to the public.  


The OCIO is currently implementing a series of technology initiatives to improve efficiencies across the Agency.  These initiatives include improving IT security,  increasing operating efficiencies, and modernizing our desktop management and HelpDesk support services.  We are also working to align information technology capabilities with mission areas and NOAA IT initiatives.  This alignment will increase effectiveness, improve transparency and increase productivity, while striving to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction.

The Fisheries Office of the Chief Information Officer has developed an exceptional information technology management team, which leads web site design and development, customer support services, information technology (IT) security management, infrastructure management, and database development.

  • Inform users of proper means to access and utilize NMFS supplied Information Technology (IT)

  • Ensure consistency in the application of IT resources enterprise wide

  • Maximize operational availability of IT resources

  • Ensure that security is not compromised through the use of IT resources

  • Ensure conformance with NOAA & DOC policies

Our Leadership

Management Team