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Caribbean Queen Conch Historical Amendments and Rulemaking (1997-2016)


Fishing Type
Commercial, Recreational
Affected Species
Action Status
Final Rule
List of amendments to the fishery management plan from 1997 to 2016.
Point of Contact
Southeast Regional Office 727-824-5305


The list below contains information about amendments and rule-making that were effective during 2016 and earlier.  For more information, please visit the Caribbean Queen Conch FMP page


Amendment 4: Application of Accountability Measures

Regulatory Amendment 2: Compatibility of Trip and Bag Limits for the Harvest in Federal Waters

Amendment 3: 2011 Annual Catch Limit Amendment

Amendment 2: 2010 Annual Catch Limit Amendment

Regulatory Amendment 1: Establishing Compatible Closures

Amendment 1: Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries Act Amendment

Queen Conch Fishery Management Plan

Last updated by Southeast Regional Office on 06/20/2019