IWC Pacific Ocean Whale and Ecosystem Research Survey

IWC Pacific Ocean Whale and Ecosystem Research Survey.JPG

Location: Central Bering Sea

Timing: July 15 - Sept 15

Funding: International Whaling Commission, Government of Japan

Project: The International Whaling Commission (IWC), with the Government of Japan and NOAA, is conducting a collaborative marine mammal survey, the Pacific Ocean Whale and Ecosystem Research (POWER) survey of the central Bering Sea, from Bering Strait to the Aleutian Islands, using standard line transect surveys to obtain cetacean abundance estimates. Passive acoustic monitoring using sonobuoys will also be conducted to monitor for vocalizing marine mammals, with a focus on the detection and localization of the critically endangered North Pacific right whale. This survey may be deferred until 2019, depending on permit issues.


  • Phillip Clapham, Program Manager, Cetacean Assessment and Ecology Program

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