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Interim Allocations for the 2022 Pacific Whiting Fishery

May 09, 2022

For more information, contact Colin Sayre, at (206) 526-4656 or colin.sayre@noaa.gov.

NOAA Fisheries is issuing interim allocation amounts of Pacific whiting for the Shorebased Trawl Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) Program and the at-sea Mothership (MS) Co-op and Catcher/Processor (C/P) Co-op sectors prior to the start of the Pacific whiting fishery on May 15, 2022. 

The interim allocations are based on the lower end of the range of potential harvest specifications for  the 2022 Pacific whiting US total allowable catch (TAC) (see the proposed rule (87 FR 21858, April 13, 2022) for additional detail). The interim allocation amounts are shown in Table 1 and Table 2 below.  We will allocate any additional amounts of Pacific whiting to each sector after the final rule is published, implementing the 2022 U.S. TAC, tribal allocation, and set-asides for research and incidental mortality.   

We expect the interim allocations will provide sufficient fishing opportunities for the whiting fleet until we publish the final rule implementing the 2022 U.S. Pacific whiting TAC.  Additional details about the interim allocations for each sector of the whiting fishery are summarized in the tables and text below.


Table 1. 2022 Interim TAC and Harvest Guideline for Pacific Whiting

Interim 2022 US TAC (mt)

Interim 2022 Tribal Allocation (mt)

Interim 2022 Research Bycatch Set-Aside (mt)

Interim 2022 Harvest Guideline (mt)






Table 2. 2022 Interim Pacific Whiting Allocation Amounts by Commercial Sector

Commercial Sector

Commercial Sector Proportion of 2022 Interim Harvest Guideline

Commercial Sector 2022 Interim Allocations 


Rounded Commercial Sector 2022 Interim Allocations


Shorebased IFQ

42 %




34 %




24 %




Shorebased Trawl Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ)

To cover bycatch and incidental take of Pacific whiting prior the start of the primary whiting fishery, NOAA Fisheries made an initial allocation of Pacific whiting Quota Pounds (QP) to IFQ permit holder accounts on December 16, 2021.  Before the start of the primary whiting season on May 15, 2021, we will deposit Pacific whiting QP to the Shorebased Trawl Quota Share (QS) allocation based on the interim allocation.  This amount is inclusive of, and not additional to, the first initial interim allocation amount that was distributed to Shorebased Trawl IFQ accounts on December 16, 2021.  After the final harvest specifications are established, we will deposit any additional QP into the QS accounts.

Mothership (MS) and Catcher/Processor (CP) Cooperatives

Before the start of the primary whiting season, we will notify approved MS and C/P cooperatives of their interim allocation through the Initial Administrative Decision (IAD) associated with the 2022 cooperative permits.  After the final Pacific whiting harvest specifications are established, we will notify the cooperatives and allocate any additional amounts of Pacific whiting to each sector.


Please contact Colin Sayre, 206-526-4656 or colin.sayre@noaa.gov.

Last updated by West Coast Regional Office on June 01, 2022