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Notice of Availability for Amendment 24 to the Pacific Coast Salmon Fishery Management Plan

November 25, 2023

Pacific Coast Salmon Amendment 24 to clarify process for reviewing model updates involving Chinook salmon harvest and impacts on Southern Resident killer whales

NOAA Fisheries is publishing a notice of availability (NOA) soliciting public review and comment for 60 days on whether to approve the Pacific Fishery Management Council’s (Council) proposed amendment to the Pacific Coast Salmon Fishery Management Plan (FMP) (Amendment 24). 

Amendment 24 to the Salmon FMP would clarify the technical process for reviewing updates to the models used to determine the Chinook salmon abundance threshold (threshold) that may trigger additional management measures to limit the impact of ocean salmon fisheries on Southern Resident killer whales (SRKW). The whales are listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and Chinook salmon, some of which are listed as threatened under the ESA, are their preferred prey.  This action is administrative in nature and does not change the approach used to establish the threshold, the method described in the Salmon FMP to periodically update it based on new information. or the fishery management responses currently described in the Salmon FMP.  There are no implementing regulations with this proposed FMP amendment.

NOAA Fisheries will have up to 30 days after the comment period to decide whether to approve, disapprove or partially approve the amendment.

Amendment 24 does not include implementing regulations; therefore, there will be no proposed or final rule related to this amendment.  

For the specific details associated with Amendment 24, please visit our website.

For more information, contact

Shannon Penna, Anadromous Harvest Management, at (562) 980-4043.

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Last updated by West Coast Regional Office on November 25, 2023