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Image of Hannah Nylander-Asplin

Hannah Nylander-Asplin, M.S.

Senior Research Associate (Affiliate)
Population and Ecosystem Monitoring Division
Habitat Ecology Branch
Coral Population / Habitat and Nursery Performance
Email: hannah.nylander-asplin@noaa.gov

Hannah Nylander-Asplin, M.S.

Senior Research Associate (Affiliate)

Hannah Nylander-Asplin, M.S. is a Senior Research Associate for the Cooperative Institute for Marine & Atmospheric Studies at the Southeast Fisheries Science Center located in Galveston, Texas.  


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Keep your eye out for this future publication.

Nylander-Asplin HF, Hill RL, Doerr JC, Greer L, Fogarty ND (In Review, 2020) Population dynamics and genotypic richness of the threatened Acropora species and their hybrid in the US Virgin Islands. Coral Reefs