Port Agents in the Greater Atlantic Region

Port Agents in the Greater Atlantic Region

55 Great Republic Drive
NOAA Fisheries Service
Gloucester MA 01930
Phone: (978) 281-9300

Key Contacts

Pam Thames

Port Agent, northern Massachusetts (Essex County), New Hampshire, and Maine
Office: (978) 290-2974

Bill Duffy

Acting Port Programs Branch Chief and Port Agent, Boston and southeastern Massachusetts
Office: (508) 717-0210
Cell: (978) 290-1723

Walter Anoushian

Port Agent, Rhode Island and Connecticut
Office: (978) 609-4145

Victor Vecchio

Port Agent, New York
Office: (631) 324-3569
Cell: (978) 609-4155

Joanne Pellegrino

Port Agent, northern New Jersey and Pennsylvania
Office: (978) 609-7980

Josh O'Connor

Port Agent, southern New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland
Office: (978) 290-9339

Steven Ellis

Port Agent, Virginia and North Carolina
Office: (978) 609-4147