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Leadership Initiative for Networking and Collaboration Conference

A space for Northeast Fisheries Science Center & the NOAA-Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center to learn about research and connect through panels and breakout sessions.


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

  • 12:30 PM EST - Welcome & opening introductions
  • NEFSC Keynote Speech
  • Theme 1 – Stock Assessment Support and Information (SASI) session & discussion An overview and discussion of current NEFSC and LMRCSC research on the conservation, management, and stock status of living marine resources including fish, invertebrates, and protected species, and the anthropogenic causes from fishing or other environmental disturbances.
  • Theme 2 - Climate Impacts on Marine Ecosystems (CLIME) session & discussion An overview and discussion of understanding and predicting the long-term impacts of climate change in the marine ecosystem on the distribution and production of living marine resources, including reproduction, growth, mortality, diseases and contaminants, and sustainability.
  • NEFSC Mentee Testimonials LMRCSC alumni will share and describe their experiences as students (e.g. NERTOs), and for some they will discuss their current careers as NOAA/NEFSC employees or contractors. Speakers will provide pre-recorded videos and the live Q&A questions will be annotated and submitted to presenters for response.
  • NEFSC Mentor Testimonials Previous mentors of LMRCSC students describe the benefits and examples of how mentoring students and share examples of previous student projects. Speakers will provide pre-recorded videos and the live Q&A questions will be annotated and submitted to presenters for response.
  • Q&A/Discussion Live Q&A from pre-recorded presentations. Discussion of the highlights and best practices mentioned in the Mentee and Mentor testimonials. In addition to other points on mentoring, communicating expectations, and other outcomes.
  • 5:00 PM EST – Closing remarks & Adjourn 
  • Happy Hour* (Google Meets details required) An optional networking session open for all attendees to convene and have free floating introductions and discussion time, or use the probing questions our engagement team has

    thought up! Either way, you don’t know who may pop-in or what informative topics may pop- up, so join us if you can! This session will be offered via Google Meets and we will not be recorded.


    Join by phone

    (US) +1 352-614-0413 PIN: 301 425 573#


Wednesday, April 7, 2021

  • 11 AM EST Coffee Hour * (Google Meets details required)An optional networking session open for all attendees with the same objectives and set-up as the Happy Hour. This session will also be offered via Google Meets and we will not be recorded. 
    Join by phone 
    (US) +1 413-398-0311 PIN: 163 313 580#
  • 12:30 PM EST - Welcome & opening introductions
  • LMRCSC Keynote Speech
  • Highlighting the Importance of Partnerships A session receive guidance from NOAA leadership on techniques of how to strengthen partnerships between the NEFSC and the academic communities of the LMRCSC as well as identifying the pipelines and hiring authorities that will help to diversify the NOAA workforce (e.g. Talent for the 21st Century, Conservation Corps Act, etc.).
  • Theme 3 - Habitats and Biological Systems (HaBS) 
    An overview and discussion of defining, conserving, and restoring marine habitats required for the health and sustainability of fish, invertebrate and marine mammal populations, and understanding human impacts on them.
  • Theme 4 - Seafood, Nutrition, Aquaculture, and Pathology (SNAP) 
    Research on marine aquaculture, including biological and physical conditions for rearing fish and shellfish, including the physiology, genetics, immunology, pathology, reproduction, and nutrition of aquaculture species, and impacts of harmful algal blooms (HABs).
  • Panel Discussion on NEFSC-LMRCSC Collaboration
  • 5:00 PM EST – Closing remarks, acknowledgements & adjourn

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