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Pacific Hake/Whiting Treaty: Joint Management Committee Meeting

The Joint Management Committee will meet to review the advice of the Joint Technical Committee, the Scientific Review Group, and the Advisory Panel and recommend the overall total allowable catch (TAC) for 2020.


Wednesday, March 11, 2020

10:00 Call to Order (JMC Plenary - GoToMeeting)

  • Welcome 
  • Personnel and other administrative updates
  • Approve agenda

10:15 JTC Chairs Report on Stock Assessment (JMC Plenary - GoToMeeting)

  • Q&A

11:15 SRG Chairs Report (JMC Plenary - GoToMeeting) - Q&A

12:30 Lunch/Delegation meetings

  • Break for separate US/Canada delegation meetings

2:00 JMC-led Discussion (JMC Plenary - GoToMeeting)

  • Discuss Initial thoughts on the JTC/SRG reports & Stock Assessment
  • Initial guidance/direction to AP on TAC

4:00 Public Comment (JMC Plenary - GoToMeeting)

4:30 Joint AP/JTC meets for discussion based on the JMC direction (Joint AP/JTC GoToMeeting)

5:00 Adjourn (webinars adjourn)

Thursday, March 12, 2020

8:00 Continuation of Joint AP/JTC meeting (Joint AP/JTC GoToMeeting)

9:30 JMC Call to Order (JMC Plenary GoToMeeting)

  • Update Agenda if needed
  • AP Chairs report on industry discussions

10:00 Public Comment (JMC Plenary GoToMeeting)

10:15 JMC Discussion and Additional Direction to Teams (JMC Plenary GoToMeeting)

10:30 Delegation meeting

11:00 Joint AP/JTC Meets For Discussion based on JMC Direction (Joint AP/JTC GoToMeeting)

12:00 Lunch/Delegation Meetings

1:00 Joint AP/JTC Meets For Discussion based on JMC Direction (Joint AP/JTC GoToMeeting)

2:00 JMC Discussion on TAC (JMC Plenary GoToMeeting)

  • Final Decision on 2020 TAC

3:00 JMC-led Discussion (JMC Plenary GoToMeeting)

  • Schedule next meeting
  • Discuss meeting location
  • Other business

4:00 Adjourn (webinars adjourn)

Last updated by West Coast Regional Office on 03/11/2020

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