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Pacific Hake/Whiting Treaty: Joint Management Committee Meeting, October 4-5, 2023

Meeting, open to the public, to plan development of the Management Strategy Evaluation of Pacific Hake/Whiting and prepare for the 2024 Pacific hake/whiting harvest specifications cycle.


Draft Agenda 

1.    Introduction and Opening remarks:

  • Review & adjust agenda as needed 
  • Introduce new U.S. AP and JMC members 
  • Announce proposed dates for upcoming 2024 Treaty meetings

2.    MSE work plan update 

3.    Initial review of Pacific Hake MSE structure, objectives, and operating models

4.    Each Party will provide a summary of what they would like to see accomplished by the MSE over the next two years. This would include but not limited to thoughts on:

  • Establishing a clear decision context could help the JMC decide on a formal management procedure
  • The USA and Canada would draft country-specific objectives
  • Review of each Parties proposed objectives

5.    Joint development of MSE work plan for next two years

6.    Exploration of Dynamic Reference Points 

7.    Integrated Acoustic Survey Update

Last updated by West Coast Regional Office on 10/03/2023